7 Cool & Classy Staircase Decorating Idea To Make Your Staircase Look Good In 2020

In most of the houses, the first thing that one sees after entering through the door is a staircase. And yet this is that part of the house which is left unattended while we go about decorating our kitchen, bedrooms, living lounge, dining rooms, etc. 

However, this should not be the case especially when it is the first greeting site in most houses. But, we also understand that finding ideas for decorating your staircase can be a daunting task. 

Therefore we have gathered a few tips and recommendations that can help you a lot in giving your staircase a lovely look. 


Paint it dark

If you have been against painting your staircase dark just because it would give a gloomy look or it will make surrounding space appear narrow, then you must think twice. 

Because painting your staircase dark can be one of the best ways to give a bold and eccentric look. However, you can offset the too much dark appearance with light painted walls. 


A nice art gallery

Everyone or most people have an art collection in their houses, either small or large. Gather those pieces from around the house and place it on the wall beside the stairway. 

This literally requires no such investment but if you are willing to do some shopping then it is even better!


A corner decor piece

Why leave the corner of the L-shaped staircase empty when you are decorating its surrounding? Add a nice and classy looking vase to the corner and give this place a cool look. 

You can also place a big planter in the corner to give it more of a refreshing look. 


Adorn the stairway risers

People usually think that stairways risers, the vertical space between two steps, is not that much important for decoration. But, this is not the case. 

Add nice artwork to that place or embellish it with short quotes written in classic fonts, and see the difference yourself. 


The beautiful landing 

Sometimes the vintage look of wooden stairway landing needs no embellishments at all as they are enough to give a dazzling look. 

But, when they are not, you can always opt for covering it with beautiful and exquisite looking carpet runners. 

This way you not just decorate your stairway but make it a safe landing by reducing its slipperiness and sharpness of the edges as more than 1 million people in America get injured on stairways


A display of miscellaneous things

You can put the wall besides staircase to good use and make it a nice display of your antique collectibles or travel treasures. It could be anything from your coin collections to indigenous artwork. 

Alternatively, if you have some DIY skills up your sleeve, you can create some wood lathe projects you can display beside the staircase or adorn the rails with. This is a great idea if you want a rustic, homely vibe in this area. Furthermore, making your own projects can really add a personal touch to your staircase decor, so it’s definitely something you should try.


Themed staircase

And maybe you can just go for one method that can outdo the need of using any of the above methods. Get a theme decoration for your staircase and transform it into anything from retro vintage to contemporary industrial design.

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