7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer 


While it’s not unheard of for injured party to represent themselves in a personal injury case, not having legal representation in more complex cases is not advisable.  

If you’ve suffered multiple or serious injuries as a result of someone’s negligence, there are several ways in which you’d benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

Here are the top 7 benefits of hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte that we’ve gathered for you:

1. They provide legal guidance 

The first thing you’ll need to know, before filing a claim, is the statute of limitation of personal injury in your area.  

Failing to timely file a lawsuit might lose you a significant amount of money.  With the help of your lawyer, you’ll be sure not to miss this deadline. 

Next, if you lack legal knowledge, you might find navigating a complex legal system challenging 

To file a claim, you’ll need to determine the liable party, identify how they’ve been negligent, and assess your damages. This is a complex process, and it’s best that you have a lawyer navigate it for you. 

A lawyer will also help you:  

  • Gather the necessary evidence 
  • Fill out any required forms 
  • Communicate with medical experts, witnesses, the defendant, their insurance company, the court, and others on your behalf 

Finally, you’ll have someone with legal knowledge representing you in court, just as the negligent party likely will. It’ll be an even ground! 

2. They know the ins and outs of legal processes  

Apart from legal knowledge, you’ll need some practical tips to win your case that only an experienced lawyer has. 

For example: a seasoned lawyer would advise you to be cautious about accepting insurance companies’ offers before you even receive one. (They rarely offer fair compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered.) 

With a lawyer by your side, you’ll know which forms not to sign and which statements not to give — both to the insurance company and the judges. 

In other words, in personal injury cases, your lawyer is the only person who has your best interests in mind. They are there to help you build a winning narrative. 

3. They know how to negotiate  

If you want to avoid being lowballed by an insurance company, you’ll need the help of someone adept at negotiating.  

An experienced lawyer will already have a settlement amount in mind, based on the facts of your case. That means that they won’t jump at the first offer. 

Lawyers at Spar & Bernstein law offices for personal injury make sure to emphasize the strongest point of your case and get you properly compensated for all your pain and suffering. 

4. They know how to move the process along 

Not being able to file a claim due to the extent of your injuries is just one of the reasons why litigation can be delayed and seem like it lasts a lifetime. 

Among other reasons why litigation can take so long are also: 

  • Both parties are attempting to negotiate before starting litigation 
  • The extent of your injuries is complicating medical assessment 
  • The defendant or insurance company is obstructing the process 
  • The legal and court system is slow 

Luckily, a good lawyer in your area is likely to be familiar with local doctors, policemen, judges, and other relevant parties that can help move the process along.  

5. They have the access to best medical care 

Speaking of knowing the right people, experienced lawyers are more likely to know medical experts who have dealt with injuries and cases like yours. 

Apart from being able to provide you with adequate medical treatment, testimonies of these medical experts and their written medical records will play a crucial part in winning your case.  

Your lawyer will know which doctors are regarded as being reputable by the court, increasing your odds of having successful litigation. 

6. They are objective 

Objectivity is the key to assessing the facts of your case, deciding on the application of relevant laws, and in filing a claim for your personal injury litigation. 

If you’ve experienced an injury, you’re likely in physical pain or going through the emotional turmoil that’s making it hard for you to objectively perceive the circumstances of your case.  

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure that they’re not influenced by emotions and subjective perceptions throughout the proceedings. 

7. They can save you money  

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of an accident, you’ve likely already lost a lot of money due to hefty medical bills, inability to work, and other expenses incurred. 

Some lawyers work on contingent fees, meaning that they won’t charge you unless they win the case for you.  

Besides saving you from making large payments in advance, another benefit of a contingency fee is the motivation your lawyer has to successfully represent you in court. 

There are also other ways you can save money by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case.  

For example, taking on cases like these without a lawyer could mean taking time away from work. That means that time spent on litigation could end up costing you more money than the litigation itself. 

Finally, having a lawyer interpollawfirm.com from the start can help you avoid potential legal issues along the way. An experienced lawyer can advise you what papers to sign (or not), what to divulge and when, and steps you should or shouldn’t take in order to get properly compensated.

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