6 Warning Signs Your Loved One Needs Counselling

Anonymous photo of two women during group psychotherapy for people with depression

Did you know that this generation is called mental health generation, because so many people have faced, and are facing internal struggles, and struggling with issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and more?

But Is it that only people and kids of this generation are facing and have faced mental health struggles? Or, is it that people in this generation have been more open to it, and have come forward to accepting what they are growing? The latter makes sense, doesn’t it?

In reality, people, no matter the generation face mental health struggles. The good thing is that people now are coming forward to address the issue.

When we talk about someone struggling from mental health, most people aren’t ready to readily admit what they are going through. In such cases, you, as someone who cares for them, needs to pick up signs from their behavior that they might seek outside help, from experts.

Below, I’ve also compiled some more signs which reeks of expert help or counselling sessions for your loved one.

1. Negative behavior gets in their way of life

This is common among everyone who deals with bad mental state. Once you see your loved one struggling with issues like anxiety, stress and depression, negative thoughts and behavior get in the way of they daily life.

This can be noticed in their day-to-day behavior or even in actions. But while they keep on ignore, you don’t have to. Seek help before it’s too late.

2. They don’t talk

Some people are naturally introverts. But even the introverts, open up to their loved ones. However, this person will be struggling to communicate.

A common reason why most people stop communicating is because what they are going through is either too painful or embarrassing to share even with a loved one.

But the thing is, communication is the key for a healthier, and happier life. Communication builds connections. This is when a therapist, or counsellor steps in and helps the person unwind his/her thoughts and seeking guidance from professionals offering marriage counselling in Brisbane can provide valuable insights.

3. They feel stuck

I am not saying counselors should be your first resort. As family and loved ones, you must try first.

But when you are trying, if you are feeling stuck, and they still aren’t moving (emotionally) from where they were used to be, it is a good idea to call in for some backup. Counselling help you dig deep within yourself and sometimes also understand why you’re feeling a certain way. 

4. You feel a drift in your relationship

Are you not that close as you used to be at a point of time? And is this drift and distance not because of betrayal, disappointment, or your partner letting you down in any way possible? It might be because you have certain expectations from your loved one and because of what they are going through right now is not allowing them to fulfill these expectations.

Working with a counsellor means that they will work out solutions of this miscommunication, and resolve unresolved barriers.

5. Something life changing has happened to them

Studying behavior patterns of your loved one can be quite tricky. You may want to take a peek into their recent past. Have they gone through something traumatic or life changing? Have they not been able to process and accept what happened? Life altering moments or experiences call for a counsellor.

6. They are going through a series of upsetting events

Although upsetting events is quite a broad term, here I mean influential events like divorce recovery, family blending, or parenting struggles. What most people fail to understand is that as humans one of the most basic needs of humans is to love, and to be loved unconditionally. That is why family is important.

If anything, wrong happens in your personal life, it may be a good thing to seek relief from a counsellor. Although in this age where remote work has become popular, I still recommend you to go for a walk-in therapy in your local area. You can search for keywords loke Counseling Services Australia, or wherever you belong, and you will soon find a list of the top counsellors you can visit.

Counseling is extremely underrated especially the benefits that you leverage after the sessions. It can actually help you in ways you cannot imagine. But the only way to know is, to walk in there. 

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