6 Things to Take Care of While Office Shifting

Office shifting

Companies often decide to shift their office location due to various factors. Ensuring that everything in your office is smoothly shifted to a new space is not an easy task but following these tips will help you accomplish it:

1. Start planning early

As soon as you have finalized the location of your new office, you must begin planning the details of the shift. Moving to a new office space is not something that you can do at a short notice otherwise you will find yourself and your employees scrambling to ensure that everything is shifted properly.

You must create a blueprint and set estimated dates on which you will move the printers, the chairs, etc. Also, make a list of all the things that you will be requiring for your new office and begin ordering them. Setting a moving budget is also quite important as it will allow you to prevent overspending.

2. Appoint a move manager

It will be difficult for you to plan and manage the shifting process, all by yourself. You should delegate various tasks to senior and capable members of your staff to ensure that every minute detail is taken care of.

Along with that, you should also appoint a shifting manager whose sole job will be to monitor the various aspects and ensure that everything is going according to plan, until the shifting process is completed.

Whoever you appoint, make sure that you communicate with them routinely to take stock of everything and facilitate any changes in the original plan.

3. Hire a Good Moving Company

Shifting to your new office choice will require you to transport almost everything that you and your staff are currently using. Many of the things will be sensitive or fragile and you would want to ensure that the shift is completed without them getting damaged. This is why it is important to hire professional Gold Coast movers with years of experience in the field to better serve you.

There are a lot of movers who claim to be the best but if you hire an agency that is not reputed, you run the risk of your stuff getting damaged during transportation. It is best to spend some time researching which agencies offer the best services.

You should go through customer reviews and consult with people who have used their services. Also, make sure that their price falls within your moving budget.

4. Ask Everyone to Pack Their Desks

While you will be getting a moving agency to handle all of the bigger and heavier stuff, you should ask your employees to clean up their own desks. Inform them of a date when they have to clear their desks and pack everything up so that everyone can do it according to their availability.

It will ensure that there is no one who is scrambling to pack their stuff at the last minute and there are boxes ready for the movers to load into their trucks.

5. Start Updating Your Documents

Now that you are shifting your office, all of your official documents will need to be updated and have the new addresses listed. Along with that, you will also require new business cards, letterheads, and an address update on your website.

It is best to do these things earlier so that you can hit the ground running in your new office as soon as the shifting is completed. It is also a good idea to provide your new address to all of your existing clients so that they know where to send stuff to you.

Not doing this before the move will make the first few weeks at your new office very hectic.

6. Make sure everything fits

Before you start planning on bringing some big furniture with you to your new office, make sure that it will fit in the space. Moving the massive fridge or the sofa to the new office only to find out that it is not suiting the space will result in a loss of resources.

Consider these things before moving and get some new stuff that is more suitable for your office. It will also allow you to get a better idea of everything that you need to take along with you and help save money on transportation.

Over to you…

Once you have taken care of all these things, your transition to your new office choice will be a smooth one. Remember to celebrate the new space with all your employees as moving will be a stressful affair for everyone!