5 Safety Methods To Pay Online Worldwide

Methods To Pay Online

The unbelievable growth of online gambling platforms has also triggered a sharp rise in payment methods. A look at any online casino site will reveal a wide variety of payment options.

But are all these payment options safe and convenient? Which are the best ones to use for online betting?

Indeed, these may sound like tough questions. But we have a perfect solution for you. These are the 5 safety methods to pay online worldwide. 


Modern technology has introduced multiple alternatives to traditional banking methods—these range from faster bank transfers to innovative technologies pioneered by small tech-savvy firms.

The Boku payment method has quickly gained a reputation as a preferred method for many gamblers. And for an excellent reason.

Boku as a gambling payment method facilitates safe and fast deposits to online casinos. It also connects your bank account to your phone, thereby enabling convenient transfers. 

If you don’t have a bank account, you can still use Boku by opening an e-wallet account. With this option, Boku enables you to use your phone to transfer money quickly. Players who don’t want their money monitored by the online world will find this method appropriate.

You may have already noticed an increasing number of online casinos support Boku payments. This trend is because of their many advantages. 

With Boku, you can transfer money to your casino account without sharing your bank details. It doesn’t charge you any transaction fees. Its popularity and acceptance in many casinos across Europe are also a plus. 

However, a high roller may not find Boku appropriate given its deposit limits. You can only deposit a maximum of £30 or roughly €34 per day. Boku is only suitable for depositing money, but not withdrawals.

Virtual Visa Cards

Visa cards are another popular payment method because they are accepted in many outlets. Indeed, just about all online casinos will allow you to use your visa card. Virtual visa cards, like traditional physical cards, are elementary to use.

One thing you should note before applying for virtual visa cards is their lifespan. These cards only last for a year. This means you have to spend all the money on the card before its expiry date. 

For security purposes, the visa cards also come with certain limits, which rarely exceed €1000. This means that they may not serve you in a high-stakes game. 

Voucher Systems

At the mention of a voucher, you’re probably thinking about the gift or shopping vouchers. Casino voucher systems are different from shopping vouchers, but they share some similarities.

For instance, they are limited in value. You can also purchase casino vouchers at your nearest convenience store. 

Casino vouchers have increased in popularity because they allow the gambler to control their spending. Gambling can be very addictive, and it’s easy to overspend on high stake games. Using casino vouchers means you can’t exceed its value on bets.

Mobile Credit

Transferable credits offer you a new way to make payments by bypassing traditional banking methods. All you need to use a mobile credit is your current phone number. Once you have registered your number, you can bill it and pay later. 

This option is suitable during these moments before payday. You can use mobile credit to gamble even when you don’t have any money. 


Cryptocurrencies are a favourite for many gamblers because they’re permissionless, fast, and safe. This method allows you to transfer any amount of money while bypassing traditional banking methods. You’ll, however, have to be careful to send your cryptocurrency to the correct address.


Convenience and safety are essential when selecting an appropriate online payment option. Indeed, many payment options exist, but not all are suitable for your particular gambling needs. Our recommendation for the safest method is Boku. 

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