5 Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 13

Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 13

There are many things and skills that a parent must teach their child, and one of the most important is behavior, fulfilling assigned obligations, financial literacy, best investing apps for kids, education and upbringing. 

Children must be cultured, treat their elders with respect, and have etiquette and proper behavior. 

Some parents have a little stricter rules than others, but children need to know that it’s all for their good.

Developing different skills depending on age

According to the children’s age, we will add appropriate chores that they can do without the help of their parents or siblings.

  • Children aged 4 – 6

You may think that these children are too young to have responsibilities, but that is not the case. From the age of 4, children must start seriously learning to create healthy virtues for a better future. 

Tasks they can perform: tidying up toys, cleaning the room, choosing clothes and dressing independently, brushing teeth independently, as well as going to the toilet.

  • Children aged 7 – 10

Children of this age are already considered a bit like adults, they go to primary school, train in some sports, and have an already established social life. These children can take on a little more responsibility and tasks such as;

  • cleaning and taking care of their room, taking care of pets
  • learning how to prepare a simpler dish, taking care of brothers and sisters.
  • Children aged 10 – 13

These children have complete independence, and the tasks they can perform are as follows;

  • keeping siblings; staying home alone,
  • learn to make lunch and dinner, know how to turn on the washing machine and dishes;
  • start some independent business such as mowing the grass for the neighbors, walking the dogs, or selling lemonade during the summer months,
  • learn them to appreciate money and how to properly save and invest.

1. Money management

Money management and financial literacy are one of the most important skills you must teach your child from an early age. 

From a young age, a child must know where the money comes from, what it is for, and how to use it most correctly. Children must know the difference between unnecessary and necessary expenses. 

One of the best ways to teach children about money management is through a card for children and accompanying content that mobile applications offer. 

Children are taught to fulfill obligations within a given time limit and bear the consequences if they break those deadlines.

2. Teach them to cook and prepare the simplest dishes

Children at this age must know how to prepare the simplest dish so that they can provide themselves with a meal if their parents did not prepare it in time. 

Children at this age mostly like fast food, which can be defrosted in the microwave very quickly.

Make it mandatory for them to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, because they are the key food that nourishes the human body

3. Cleanliness and hygiene

You have to teach them from a young age that they have to shower every day and take care of their shoes and clothes. 

And as they grow, give them certain chores that they have to do, such as washing their clothes, and being able to turn on the washing machine and the dishwasher. 

And that it is very important that they are meticulous and organized. Also, children can take care of the hygiene of siblings, bathe them and prepare them for sleep instead of their parents.

4. Social and communication skills

Children must know how to communicate correctly, if they have a problem with this from a young age, you must take them to a speech therapist. 

It is very important that the child feels safe and that he has healthy communication with his parents, and that children are not afraid to tell their parents anything. 

Teach them not to approach strangers or take any things or sweets from them. It is very important that children know basic manners and etiquette, that they know how to ask if they need something and communicate it. 

To know how to cooperate with a group of children, and not to be jealous and possessive. 

5. Education and sport

The desire for education is one of the main skills you must instill in children. Some children like to study, while others are not interested in it. 

If you have such a child, we recommend that you enroll them in sport activity. Coaching any sport will instill in them discipline, hard work, and effort so you can start there. 

Suggest that they choose a foreign language in which they will watch cartoons and learn it that way. 

We suggest that you reward children when they deserve it with their behavior and grades in school.

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