5 Best Online Casinos for US Players Compared


When we talk about US online casinos, comparing the best of them is not the same as comparing casinos available to players in Europe, Canada, Africa, or New Zealand. Online casinos in these regions can serve multiple regions on the same platform via multiple licenses. However, in the USA, casino platforms are separated by state and can only operate within the state that the platform holds a license to operate.

888 Casino Europe Example: 888 Casino in Europe uses the same platform to cover several regions such as New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, and the UK via an MGA license, UK Gambling Commission license, Swedish Gaming Authority, and DGOJ (Spain) licenses. The brand can use the same platform for all countries via multiple companies holding these licenses.

888 Casino USA Example: 888 Casino operates in New Jersey. For the brand to spread its wings into Michigan or Pennsylvania, it would need to open a separate 888 Casino platform for each state. So while Europe can run a multi-licensed single platform, US casinos must run individual platforms for each state.

This set up makes it difficult to point out the best online casinos for US players because we could mention 888 Casino, which is not helpful to players in Michigan or Pennsylvania. That said, you can easily filter through the top brands and review websites. Check out the best online casinos for US players ranked by experts here or continue reading this guide so you have an idea of how you can spot the best online casino for you as a US player. 

The Brands Operating Online Casinos in All 6 States

Just so you are aware, right now online casinos, otherwise known as iGaming, are legally available in just 6 states in the USA.

  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut

Now, in some of these states, you will find the same brand name operating in all 6. Now we can discount Connecticut for the time being because the licensing framework is still yet to be put in place. The best way to judge the brands is by which states they are most found.

  1. BetMGM Casinos: Perhaps we can say that BetMGM is the biggest brand in the US because you will find it casinos in every state iGaming is legal. That is Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The casino has live casino games from Evolution, tons of slots, and there is a sportsbook too. BetMGM also dabbles in online poker, so as a member you get this vertical too. 
  • Video Slots + Virtual Tables
  • Live Dealer Casino Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Multi-Player Online Poker 
  1. FanDuel Casinos: Also found in many of the states with legal online gambling. Its casinos operate in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, while its online sports book operates across most of the 15+ US states in which online sports betting is legal. The company is well-known across the US, it is a highly trustworthy brand, and as such makes it one of the top places to play online casino games too. 
  • Video Slots + Virtual Tables
  •  Live Dealer Casino Games
  • Sports Betting
  1. DraftKings Casinos: Available in Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia, DraftKings operates a platform much like BetMGM. Plenty of video slots and virtual table games, and in states with live dealer studios such as Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, players get to play live blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and game shows being introduced to the US markets. For those that like to dabble in poker, DraftKings is also a great option.
  • Video Slots + Virtual Tables
  • Live Dealer Casino Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Multiplayer Online Poker
  1. Caesars Casinos: It’s that big name casino brand that has been in the news regularly recently; mainly due to its shrewd business investments. William Hill buyout, then the sale off the William Hill Europe and then Caesars Entertainment, offloading of its overseas land-based operations. The brand is focusing on the US market these days and currently operates Caesars online casinos in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania while its William Casinos operate in Michigan. There are also numerous Caesars and William Hill sports books across the US.
  • Video Slots + Virtual Tables
  • Live Dealer Casino Games
  • Sports Betting
  1. 888 Casino: We chose 888 because of its global brand reputation and its potential to grow. It is only available in New Jersey as a casino, and you can play 888 casino game via Harrah’s casinos licensed in Pennsylvania for online casino play and poker, while you can also play 888 Poker in Nevada, home to Las Vegas gambling culture, where online casinos are not yet legal. 888 Holdings itself is floated on the London Stock Exchange, has plenty of financial backing, and is a well-respected brand in the iGaming arena. 

Rounding Up Our Top 5

Everyone has a different opinion on their top 5. Here we have chosen some of the more well-known US online casinos. Conversely, someone else may prefer to play at an exclusive online casino not available in other states, or with a brand name associated with more all-round poker and casino play like PokerStars. You may also want to consider welcome bonus offers as part of your decision too. One thing is for sure, the way the licensing is set up in each state, you will get a fair deal wherever you play.

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