5 Beauty Trends to Dominate 2021

Beauty Trends

Have you ever heard of MC Hammer? If not, stop reading for a minute and Google him. Seen him? Good, now you have a mental vision of what he looks like.

Many people who enjoyed his music marveled at his style. He revived harem pants and gave them tons of attitude and swag. The original designer, Paul Poiret took Middle Eastern influences and came up with the style way back in 1910.

80 years later, an unknown hip-hop musician made the trousers his signature look. Watching MC Hammer slither and slide across the stage wearing those pants was mesmerizing.

But at this point, you may be asking yourself one question? What does this have to do with beauty trends dominating 2021?

Well, the fashion and beauty industry tends to bring back a lot of past influences. Let’s see if this is the case in 2021.

1. French Tips

French Tips

Are you a cosmetology student working on becoming a nail technician? One beauty trend you must learn is French tips. But do you know the origin? Well, its history goes back to 1975 and is attributable to the Orly International CEO Jeff Pink.

Movie directors would complain that it took too long to change nail polish color every time an actress needed a wardrobe change. The idea of white tips and flesh-colored nail polish provided an easy way out.

What we are seeing in 2021 is a resurrection of French manicure, but with a twist. Today we have pops of color, texture, emoji, and glitter. Nail technicians have so many opportunity to bring out their creativity with some exciting designs.

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It allows you to brush up your knowledge in areas that need a little more attention. Certification will allow you to take a bite out of this lucrative beauty trend making a comeback and dominating in 2021.

2. The 80s Is Making a Comeback

The 80s Is Making a Comeback

The 80s may very well dominate 2021. One thing that stood out then was the over-the-top fashion ideas. It seems that some fashion trends are still relevant. So it is not uncommon to spot leather jackets, biker shorts, power suits, and even polka dot dresses.

Oh yeah, we should not forget the oversized fur coats and crazy color combinations. Power to you if you are a clothes hoarder or if your parents were super stylish. You will save tons of cash by bringing out some of the existing fashion pieces.

Look around, and you’ll see some 80s hairstyles making a comeback. Curls, crimps, shaggy cuts, mullets, and voluminous hair are back. The same applies to makeup. Look out for smoldering eyes and some bold color choices.

3. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braids

Janet Jackson wore jumbo braids in the movie Poetic Justice alongside the late Tupac Shakur. Jamaican dance hall queen Patra made them her trademark look. We are talking about the ’90s here. But, that is not even the beginning of this beauty trend.

A walk down the annals of history shows the origin to Namibia and the Nile valley, dating back over 3000 years ago. Take a minute to read the history of Jumbo or box braids, it is truly fascinating.

And, 2021 is seeing jumbo braids make a comeback. It could be about the convenience of not having to sit at the stylist’s chair for hours getting smaller braids put in.

But, one thing for sure is they look more interesting due to the different color combinations. Take a walk in the streets, and you will see blonde, blue, pink, and white jumbo braids.

Indeed, the only limitation to the interesting colors is what you accept to have on your head. And, the braids allow for tons of styling options. Hold them up, leave them down, or style them into a cute chignon depending on the occasion.

4. Skinimalism


Minimalism is not a foreign concept in interior decor or web design. But now, the beauty industry has coined the term skinimalism.

Alicia Keys embraced the trend 4 years ago, by letting go of heavy makeup. For the singer, it was an issue of realizing greater independence from needing makeup as a confidence booster. For others, the decision to have an old tattoo removed is an empowering choice. You must be patient and commit to the tattoo removal healing process to achieve renewed skin.

And now, others are jumping onto the bandwagon by embracing natural beauty. The fresh face look, imperfect eyebrows, nude lips, and freckles are in.

To get the most out of the look, take good care of your skin. You want healthy, luminous, and well-hydrated skin. That means incorporating moisturising and cleansing products from reputable brands like The Face Shop, COSRX or Sukin into your skincare routine.

5. No Make-Up Make-Up

No Make-Up Make-Up

If you’re not daring enough to go bare, try the no make-up make-up trend. Whatever you put on should give you a look that is as natural as possible. Go for warm or neutral palettes that closely match your skin.

When it comes to striking lips, think Jennifer Lopez. She carries off the nude look with grace and beauty. You will notice she always has a touch of gloss to give that subtle, supple, kissable look. You never have to worry that you need to retouch the color on your lips.

And isn’t it great to know that you still look glamorous behind that face mask? You don’t have to check whether the lipstick has smeared on your chin or cheek when you remove the mask.

Refreshing only requires you to use some lip balm, natural lipstick, or clear gloss.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some beauty trends dominating in 2021 above. It is exciting to see a return of some of the styles that dominated the 80s. Jumbo braids, natural looks, and French tips are in.

But, our list barely scratches the surface of what you will see out there. The modern consumer is more demanding of transparent skincare products. Sustainable formulas and organic products are becoming more popular. Botox is still trendy, and there are plenty of botox Austin services that offer top-notch work!

The Natural hair movement is also catching on. People are embracing natural textures instead of using straightening products. It is opening up a lucrative field that has, for a long time, remained a niche area. It was only for those who were daring enough to go into it.

Let’s see which beauty trends make it to the end of the year, and perhaps, continue to dominate in the next.

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