4 Ways You Can Use Online Tools to Expand Your Business

online tools

Moving aspects of your company online have likely been a gradual shift that’s been in-sync with the advancements of internet technology. As the internet has allowed itself to be utilized in an increasing number of ways, your business has naturally found an increasing number of uses for it. In many ways, this has likely been a great convenience to you thanks to the large, easily accessible audiences found on internet platforms, allowing you to increase your online presence and brand awareness.

However, the landscape of the internet is one of frequent change, where there are multiple avenues of success to explore. You might be very much familiar with this landscape after having a few years to get to grips with it, or you might be a relative newcomer, deciding now is the best time to make use of the wide array of tools at your disposal. In any event, it helps to know just what you’re working with and what options you have available to you in order to make your business flourish as much as it can.

The Impact of Social Media Marketing

When discussing the wide range of audiences available on the internet, the most applicable area to draw your attention to is that of social media. You’re likely aware of the increasingly massive presence social media has in people’s everyday lives, both personally and professionally. It’s become an integral part of the modern world – which means it’s the perfect place to start marketing. The widespread usage of various social media platforms means there is a huge number of users for you to reach with your campaigns.

There are multiple different platforms available, each coming with a different audience. Therefore, you can investigate which audience your marketing will be geared towards and utilize the appropriate platform, or you can try to engage new customers by reaching out to those you might not have been able to market towards before. This also means that you can try your hand at different types of marketing, with certain platforms such as YouTube providing an opportunity for you to get creative and expand into video advertising if you haven’t already. While on Twitter you can gain an audience by posting engaging content. The content can include relatable tweets as well as short informative content that’ll attract a new audience. As Twitter is used by people of almost all ages and genders it can be a great place to reach a wider audience that has not been reached yet. Of course, the content posted has to be well written and business-appropriate. Depending on the time of the day the posts can gain different amounts of engagement. One thing that needs to be taken into account is the timing, which can be analyzed through analytical tools. There are many social media analytical tools, such as Sprout Social, that can give you the analytical answers you need to grow your brand. Once you figure out all the statistics you need to right tools to post on your Twitter account intelligently. This is where social media scheduling tools come in hand. One of the most affordable and easy-to-use tools is Hypefury. It can schedule and automate tweets and retweets to get extra engagement and growth on your business account. With a Gumroad integration, you can sell more by promoting your offers below your popular tweets, even before they become popular. These features and many more are why you need to invest in the right social media tools.

Renovate Your Website to Welcome New Audiences

While social media marketing will allow you to reach new audiences and strengthen your ties with existing customers, all of them will eventually find their way to your website in order to enlist your services. Having a website for your business isn’t a new concept; however, it might be the case where you had your website put up a while ago and haven’t given it much in the way of improvements since. This could end up damaging your reputation as visitors to your website might see the information as outdated and unreliable if they feel that way about the design.

Keeping your website up-to-date and following modern design trends can tell your audiences that you adapt to change, you’re on the ball, and that you’re reliable. This can also help the navigation; clearing up all your pages and streamlining your services to make your website more easily traversable can do a lot to make it more user-friendly. Additionally, linking your social media accounts to your website can present your online persona as a consistent one, regardless of how your potential customers decide to try and get in contact with you.

Looking at the Data to Improve Your Service

Feedback is always appreciated, and it’s also crucial to improvement. After all, you can’t be expected to know how to improve if you don’t know the problems in the first place. This also applies to conducting business online, regardless of whether that’s through social media, your website, or other channels. Conducting data science and analysis is crucial to understanding which aspects of your business need improving and which aren’t working, allowing you to streamline your service into the best it can possibly be, click here to see why.

Having this information available will allow you to evolve into a version of your company where all efforts are put to their best possible use, with focus redirected towards all aspects that work instead of time being wasted on endeavors that you learn to be less effective.

While these benefits to your business sound appealing, they are a result of the core benefit of data science – the ability to fully understand your consumers and what they want out of you as a business. This understanding will improve your customer-company relations, leading you to make these beneficial decisions more naturally as the needs and interests of the client become more deeply rooted in the services you provide.

Allowing a Smoother Workflow for Your Employees

Throughout recent times, the coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on several workplaces. As a result, working from home has become much more normal in several circumstances, which has brought with it a slew of changes to how employees conduct their work. While the degree to which your business has been affected by this may vary, it’s hard to ignore the discussion surrounding how working from home brings certain changes to the job. While not all of these changes are sustainable and have only been born of necessity, others have allowed for great quality of life improvements that also mean a smoother and more efficient workflow.

First of all, being able to conduct meetings virtually as not to disrupt the flow of an employee’s day-to-day activities is a change that could see a lot of versatility once the pandemic is less severe. Meetings that would previously require a physical presence and a large chunk of the day can now be distilled and merged with the rest of the standard working day.

Another change, while not strictly being one that was a result of the pandemic, is that of introducing a file-sharing system to your business. This allows for great ease of collaboration and communication between your staff, with documents being easily available to access and edit without it being a matter of chasing up employees to email it around.