4 Reasons to Use an International Calling App

International Calling App
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With the rising cost of living, your phone bill can quickly hit the ceiling. It can deny you the chance to talk to your loved ones and maintain business relations at home and abroad. As the global oil price rises by 70%, the cost of living may continue to rise.  

But we must keep in touch with business partners, family, and loved ones. Tough economic times should not undermine your business operations or family relations.  

That’s where international calling apps come in. They offer cheap premium-quality international calls. You can now keep in contact with your family and business associates without digging deeper into your pockets. There is no need to put up with expensive roaming and additional fees to contact people back home.  

But, they offer more benefits. Here are 4 reasons to use an international calling app.  

1. Flexibility With 24/7 Connectivity 

International calling apps allow you to call regular phones, smartphones, and landlines. As a result, it gives you flexibility regardless of the connectivity of the call receiver. You can contact anyone whether they have an internet connection or not.  

That gives you the ability to call South America or the Caribbean region without hassle. So, you can call Cuba without worrying about the receiver’s device or internet connection. You’ll only need the to know:  

  • The exit code of your host country,  
  • Cuba’s code (53),  
  • Cuba’s area code you’re dialing, and  
  • Receiver’s number. 

So, if you wish to place direct orders for top-quality cigars in the world from Cuba, an international calling app covers you. Therefore, the app is functional and flexible if you frequent visits to other countries for personal or official work.  

Therefore, you can connect to your associate or loved one regardless of the telecom service they are using. Whether through a landline, regular phone, or smartphone (android or iOS), you can place exceptional premium-quality international calls.  

2. Save on Your Phone Bill  

Saving Money
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As stated earlier, prices of everything are on the rise. The global inflation rate is expected to hit 6.7% in June 2022. Factoring in the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the possible similar standoff between China and Taiwan, we are still in for a rough ride.  

Your phone bill can increase if you’re running a small business while on the move. You may spend significant time contacting your partners, prospects, and repeat customers to expand your sales. It can stretch the cost of your business communication, especially if you’re using a mobile phone. Your overall traveling costs will also increase incredibly.  

You need to practice discretionary spending like anyone else to survive the inflation. So, your phone bill should also be modest to help save as much as possible. International calling apps allow you to save on your phone bill.  

Traditional international calling can even include expensive roaming charges. As a result, your phone bill can hit the ceiling. However, calling apps cost less because they use the internet, voice-over-internet protocol to route calls.  

So, operational costs are significantly reduced, allowing the providers to extend the same to users like you. Therefore, you will enjoy cheap international call rates with premium quality. It can also reduce your overall cost of traveling abroad because your phone bill is modest.  

3. Easy to Use 

Most international calling apps are user-friendly and intuitive. You’ll realize how easy international calling can be when you use them. First, you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. That means you can keep in touch with your loved ones and business partners.  

Calling apps like Talk360, Google Voice, and PopTox are just as simple as regular phones. Besides reducing the costs of international calls, they are also convenient. You do not need to look for calling cards at convenience stores. You can buy credit online and dial your contact as you would on a regular mobile network.  

4. Advanced Features Are Available  

You can also enjoy advanced features of international calling apps like virtual numbers. Virtual numbers allow you to call your target country with no hardware setups. In fact, it comes in handy if you are expanding your business operations and don’t wish to worry about costs.  

Virtual numbers make reaching new customers in other countries and continents easy. Take it as a way of scaling your communication as your business goes regional or international. Because the virtual numbers look like local numbers, your clients can call you toll-free or at standard charges.  

Other advantages of virtual numbers that international calling apps can offer include: 

  • It helps you build a worldwide presence faster for small businesses. 
  • It provides extra features like interactive voice response, call recording, etc.  
  • Complement remote work and collaboration.  

It is vital to understand how international calling apps work to provide all these benefits.  

How International Calling Apps Work  

International calling apps route calls over the internet through the voice-the-internet protocol (VoIP). But that only allows you to connect to another person with an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  

That’s how WhatsApp or FaceTime works. Your voice and video will be transferred through the internet to another person at the end. So, the receiver must have a reliable internet connection and a similar app installed.  

Other international calling apps like Talk360 take VoIP to another level. They connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) through gateways. PSTNs and their associated gateways are moving to the cloud. With the gateway, your calls can be routed even to landlines and regular phones without an internet connection.  

So, the receiver does not need to install the international calling app to receive your calls. That makes it easier to connect with your partners in even rural areas at affordable calling rates.  

Final Thoughts 

Technology has incredible ways of streamlining our operations and reducing associated costs. And that’s what the international calling app presents to you as global inflation rises. Whether you are connecting with families, friends, or business partners, you can now save on the go.  

The calling apps offer premium-quality international calls at affordable rates. But it goes beyond costs. They are flexible and allow you to call even if the receiver has no internet connection. Also, they are easy to use and help you scale your communication if you’re a small business going international.

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