4 Easy Email Marketing Hacks to Win Over Black Friday

Black Friday

Everyone loves a good shop, and when you’re getting a deal that’s hard to believe, the elation just increases. Of course, there’s no day that compares to Black Friday – with the discounts and deals on offer, it’s a shopaholics haven – and battlefield! 

Each year, there are more and more retailers and businesses that participate in Black Friday, putting on the most outrageous deals all in a bid to get the most customers. And with the increasing competition in an already saturated market, it’s crucial to maintain your customers’ loyalty – and to make new ones along the way. 

That’s right, this calls for some serious marketing! And what better form of marketing for your Black Friday preparations than email campaigns? Accessible across the globe, allowing direct communication, and the ability to combine audio, visual, and text, there are few marketing mediums that come close.

Here’s how to promote your Black Friday sale with email marketing:

1. It’s All in the Subject Line

For an email to work, it needs to grab attention – after all, your email is going to be competing with dozens of others in an already way too busy person’s inbox. If your subject line catches the eye of a reader, that means your email is on the way to getting opened – and that’s the first goal that any brand using email marketing has. 

While there’s no perfect subject line and each email requires a unique one that’s grounded in context, there are some tricks that you can use to your advantage. Some of the most common – and successful – include adding your recipient’s name in the subject line, adding in a date attached to a timeline to prompt a response, mentioning deals and discounts, and of course, keeping it sweet and short. 

Whatever your subject line, make sure to keep it original and according to your retail store or business’ branding!

2. Add some Flyers to your Emails

There’s nothing quite like a good flyer – it’s eye-catching, it holds all the right information, and it delivers the message effectively. Now imagine getting a flyer in your inbox – even better, right? It has all the same features, but now you can keep it on your phone for whenever you need it! 

Adding flyers to your emails is a great idea, and it’s sure to drive up engagement due to its visual nature. In fact, you can even make your flyers interactive by adding hyperlinks that redirect to your website or social media platforms. 

Of course, the essence of a flyer is all in its aesthetics – and if you’re not a designer, then it can be rather mind-bending spending hours slaving away trying to create the perfect flyer. Not anymore! With PosterMyWall’s Black Friday flyer templates you can easily create the flyer of your dreams in a few simple clicks!

Fully customizable with an easy-to-use UI, PosterMyWall hosts a range of flyers for all of your email marketing needs – and the best part is that designing on the platform is free, so you won’t be spending money hiring a graphic designer. 

3. Make Use of Interactive CTAs

While the first goal of an email may be to actually be read, the greater purpose is to drive conversion. By adding interactive CTAs to your email – either in the body of the email or through the text on visuals, you can drive viewership to your retail store or business’ other platforms, such as your website or social media handles. 

The trick is to make sure that these CTAs redirect to a page where the customer is immediately shown Black Friday deals, roping them in and helping your business make a sale. On average, you can add two to three CTAs per email – one at the start, one at the end, and one in a visual. Make sure to use engaging, conversational language that helps draw a customer in.

And of course, always keep track of your performance analytics to refine the type of CTAs that fare well and use those in your future campaigns. Your email campaigns will kick off like no other! 

4. Get on Board with an Email Marketing Tool

Often, businesses realize the value of email marketing too late – it’s natural to get caught up in the more day-to-day business operations that demand greater attention and neglect things such as email marketing. After all, we see no immediate negative of this misplaced attention, but in reality, the value that email marketing can bring to your business is unparalleled.

To make sure that your retail store or business doesn’t miss out on these benefits and makes the most of Black Friday sales, you can carry out your email activities through the PosterMyWall email marketing platform! Easily create an email campaign and send professional emails all from one place. With everything from email templates to scheduled email campaigns to automatic device optimization, the PosterMyWall email marketing tool serves as an all-in-one solution for your email marketing needs! 

And with its user-friendly interface and variety of designs, you’ll no longer have to worry about your emails running behind schedule or not leveraging Black Friday sales to the fullest!

So, if you’re looking to make the most of Black Friday sales as a retail store or business, then email marketing is the way to go! Make sure to properly plan and give time to your email campaign and to add in your brand’s own identity. And of course, don’t forget that creative flair!