3 Things to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident is a terrifying experience, and you need a knowledgeable person on your side to help handle the claims and other legal issues. In the event of a car accident, there are some protocols you need to follow. However, you may not have the time, or may not be knowledgeable enough to initiate such follow-up.  

You should contact the professional car accident lawyers in East Chicago Indiana to simplify the procedure, as well as increase the chances of claiming compensation. Below, we’ve rounded up the three factors to look for when choosing a car accident lawyer to work with.

1. Professionalism  

Before hiring a lawyer, you want to assess their level of professionalism. Will they put your needs before theirs? What’s their character, and would you trust them with your case? The lawyer you choose should be passionate about their job. They should have great communication skills, have good judgement and be willing to listen to you, accept questions and give relevant advice.

For many people, their car accident attorney is their confidant. You will need to take note of their level of preparation during your first consultation. A sharp and professional car accident attorney in Lake Oswego, or will expect you to carry paperwork, have all the details on paper, including pictures of the car accident. The car accident attorney should also be compassionate, and ready to help resolve the issues you are facing.

2. Qualifications and Experience  

In the legal profession, qualifications and experience are the two most critical aspects that differentiate great lawyers from average ones. When choosing a car accident lawyer, check their reputation and the list of past or current clients. This will tell if they have the expertise needed to handle your case and car accident attorney lake oswego or manage all pretty well. The law firm’s website is the first place that will suggest more about their experience and qualifications. 

Some law firms such as Tieman Law have invested a lot of time and resources into educating their clients on what to do or avoid after car accidents. This could be a sign of authority in that particular niche, and you would want to review such firms to see if they are a good fit to handle your case.  

3. Client Reviews  

One of the main reasons why people consult lawyers is to get expert help on complicated legal matters. Before picking a car accident lawyer or law firm to work with, you want to confirm the quality of their services. Checking the firm’s reviews, client complaints, and other information you can get is a good place to start.  

Going through the law firm’s website alone may not give all the information you need, so you should consider visiting their social media channels and checking the comments that people make and interact with. Visiting reputed third-party sites such as Google Lawyers reviews, Yelp, and AVVO will give you further access to more accurate and unbiased information.


Choosing the right lawyer will ease the pressure and anxiety and even help you avoid untimely consequences. Feel free to consult with different lawyers before choosing one that understands you and is ready to help.