Remote Workforce

Eastern Europe’s Remote Workforce Offers A Treasure Trove of Talent and Affordability

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Imagine stumbling upon a hidden treasure, one brimming with jewels of talent and skill, yet surprisingly affordable. That's exactly what Eastern...

The Economic Crisis and Challenges for the UK Economy

By Dr Kalim Siddiqui The UK has been predicted by the OEDC to be the worst-performing economy of all advanced nations for 2025. Let us...

A Ground-Breaking Railway: Is the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway a Game-Changer for Indonesia?

By Xiangming Chen, Michael Hutahaean, and Irvin Nathaniel Tobing With less than 25 countries owning high-speed rail services in the world, the development of the...
African child holding wind turbine

Strategic Sustainability: ESG Initiatives Reshaping Africa’s Economic Landscape 

By Christopher Burke  The growing interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors among governments and major corporations in sectors such as banking, finance, telecommunications,...
Europe investment

EY Announces 9 Key Recommendations to Boost Investment and Make Europe More Competitive

New nine-point plan reflecting views of top business leaders across Europe published as the continent faces first decline in foreign investment since pandemic. ...

How Can the West Avoid the Japanification Of Its Economies, a Phenomenon Driven...

By Naohiro Yashiro Demographic shifts affect the downward decline in GDP per capita growth in G7 countries, notably Japan. Ageing is not a future problem,...

Addressing Contextual Disparities: A Critical Analysis of International Sustainability Rankings for Higher Education Institutions

By George Sammour and Ola Al Haddid As sustainability becomes a crucial metric in higher education, global sustainability rankings have gained prominence. However, these benchmarks...

Why Europe Shouldn’t Treat Protectionism as a Panacea

By Zhenglin (Alex) Li In a bid to protect domestic car manufacturers, the EU is considering imposing extra tariffs on imported Chinese cars. Is this...

The Multinational Corporations, Capitalism, and Imperialism: The Case Study of East India Company

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui This article is a deep dive into the evolution and expansion of big global corporations or Multinational Corporations, and especially the...

Zakat for Alternative Water Financing

By Randi Swandaru Indonesia hosted the 10th World Water Forum in Bali on May 18–25, 2024. This forum is the largest convening that invites prominent stakeholders...

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