Recruitment Trends in Social Media in the Automobile Manufacturers in Mexico

By Zamir Madjidian, Roberto Carlos Ambrosio Lazaro, Michael Palocz-Andresen The automotive sector is rapidly evolving, focusing on digitalisation and social media platforms. Renowned car manufacturer...

A Ground-Breaking Railway: Is the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway a Game-Changer for Indonesia?

By Xiangming Chen, Michael Hutahaean, and Irvin Nathaniel Tobing With less than 25 countries owning high-speed rail services in the world, the development of the...
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The Value of Tourism to Real Estate Investment Strategies and the Overall Global Real...

By Dan Fenton and Mark Wynn Smith This article explores the value of tourism to real estate investment strategies and the global real estate market....

18 Must-have Leadership Skills for Managing Remote Teams Effectively 

By Yuying Deng In a world remote-first world, leadership skills must evolve. Effective remote team management demands a unique blend of skills, from building trust...
Food Dumping, Rising Food Insecurity and Hunger

Food Dumping, Rising Food Insecurity and Hunger in Developing Countries

By Dr Kalim Siddiqui Is the WTO´s global food liberalisation policy more harmful than good? How has relying on international trade for food supply led...

Addressing Contextual Disparities: A Critical Analysis of International Sustainability Rankings for Higher Education Institutions

By George Sammour and Ola Al Haddid As sustainability becomes a crucial metric in higher education, global sustainability rankings have gained prominence. However, these benchmarks...
Law and environmental protection

How Human Rights Pervades ESG  

By Tim Bovy and Ian Hodges A criticism of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) over the years has been that it is so broad as...
solar-powered electric fence

The Benefits of Solar Electric Fencing: Why It’s a Smart Investment

When it comes to protecting your property, solar electric fencing is a smart investment. Affordable and eco-friendly, solar-powered fences offer numerous benefits. They're easy...
Safeguarding AI Technology

Open-Source AI as Solution to Safeguarding AI Technology: Interview with Mark Basa

AI technology has taken the world by storm, bringing with it misconceptions about its impact on jobs and concerns about ethical implementation. In this...
Technology and ESG

Why AI’s Resource Footprint Needs to Be Addressed 

By Megha Kumar   For businesses and public services, generative AI provides the means to transform their operations, making them more efficient and effective. Yet its...

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