ZIL Price Forecast 2021-2030


Zilliqa is a blockchain project launched by the National University of Singapore. Its mainnet was launched in 2019. The platform supports staking and yield farming. The project claims to be the first of its kind in regard that it relies completely on a sharded network. It can process thousands of transactions per second. 

Zilliqa is a relatively new project that offers some new functionalities. At least, it can be applied in real-world industries. Its mining is also compatible with the mining of ETH which makes the mining process eco-friendly. Also, ETH to ZIL convert is available on many platforms now. So, logically, the ZIL price shall be growing over time. However, let us check what experts say. 

Will ZIL Cross the Mark of 0.02 by the End of 2021?

Specialists insist that the coin won’t move higher than 0.12 USD by the end of 2021. The majority of experts believe that it won’t even reach the mark. We expect ZIL to fluctuate around the mark of 0.10 USD until the end of the current year. 

What 2022- 2025 Is Going to Bring for ZIL?

The coin is expected to grow in price even though the growth isn’t going to be as fast as ZIL fans would like to. So, during 2022, the cryptocurrency will approach the level of 0.2, however, it will not cross it yet.

In 2023, Zilliqa is expected to grow in value to 0.2 and further. 2023 will be the first year for the coin to cross the level of 0.3 and even to move above it to 0.38. However, we shall not expect further growth to 0.4 and up within this year. 

During 2024 – 2025, the price will grow significantly up to 0.5 and higher. While some specialists believe that during this period, the coin value might skyrocket to 0.6 and higher, we do not share the optimism because there are no evident reasons for this to happen.

2026 – 2030 Will Be Marked by a More Rapid Growth

Starting from 2026, the cryptocurrency price will be moving up faster. So, during 2026 only, the crypto value is expected to grow up to 0.7 USD and to cross the level.

In 2027, the coin is believed to cross for the first time the mark of 1 USD. The growth will not stop with it. After a short correction, it will continue until the coin reaches the value of 2 USD. It is forecasted to happen in 2028. 

By 2030, Zilliqa is expected to cross the mark of 3 USD per coin, and the bullish trend isn’t going to stop by then.

Bottom Line

Zilliqa is an interesting project with some perspectives. For now, it doesn’t bring a lot of use to the world. However, with the further adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the application of the project will become wider, and it will influence the coin price in a positive way. 

It also shall not be forgotten that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset. Its decentralized nature means that it cannot be controlled by a government or another organization. Cryptocurrency prices are formed by factors that differ from those that form the prices of fiat money. For now, Zilliqa is not among the top crypto exchange ranks. So, it is not expected that it will be growing rapidly. 

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