What Is Bathroom Sink Trend?

Bathroom Sink Trend

Modern bath design tends to favor natural materials and muted colors. But what about the details? Let’s find out which sinks are trendy together with Aquatica: https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/modern-bathroom-sinks 

4 Trends in Bathroom Sinks

The latest trends look quite universal and don’t seem to be transient. We think they’ll remain with us for a long time.

  1. Natural materials. Stone and wood are in trend now. While stone sinks have long been popular, wood is something new. Sapele, oak, maple, ash wood, and padauk are often used as materials. They are processed in such a way that they are waterproof and can withstand high temperatures. However, they may require careful handling. For example, it is not advisable to pour coloring liquids, such as hair dye, into wooden sinks.
  2. Natural colors. White and black sinks still make sense. But if the design of your bathroom allows you to play with colors, pay attention to colored sinks. There are two options: a fully colored sink and a sink painted from the outside that remains white on the inside. They go well with colored freestanding bathtubs. Choose muted deep natural colors: oxide red, moss green, distant blue, etc.
  3. Clear shapes. Sinks with distinct shapes are in trend, for example, rectangular or rectangular with rounded edges. If the sink is round, it is good if it has clear corners — something in the style of a cake mold. However, soft lines are still popular too, especially when combined with an unusual shape of the sink, for example, when the sides have different heights.
  4. Mounting on the countertop. The trend for colored sinks and clear shapes requires that the sink be visible. That’s why it’s popular today to mount the sink on the countertop. This way, it can match the color scheme or shape with other decorative elements in the bathroom, and together, they can create a single ensemble.

Where to Buy Trendy Sinks?

Check out the products from Aquatica. Most sinks can be modified. For example, if you like the shape of the sink, we can create it in the color you want. Many products are part of a collection, so you can additionally buy, for example, a bathtub of a similar shape or color.

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