Vaping and Public Perception: Breaking Down the Stigma


Various websites on the internet present vaping as a healthier option compared to cigarette smoking. These websites either portray vaping as the less addictive smoking option you can use to eliminate nicotine consumption. However, there are still concerns regarding what these online platforms post. Do you see the right picture? This article will shed light on the general public perception regarding vaping and how to rectify what is wrong.

The public perception, according to the survey

According to a survey conducted in Northern England from December 2017 to March 2018, several public opinions were taken to draw a general perception regarding vaping. The survey was designed to answer two fundamental questions. Whether vaping is less harmful than cigarettes and if you can use vaporizers to give up on nicotine consumption.

From the total population, around 49.9 percent of people thought vaping was less harmful than smoking. These people think that vaporizers are less toxic than traditional tobacco cigarettes. 17.1 percent disagreed because they thought trustworthy research did not support the claims. 32.8 percent of people needed more knowledge to decide. 

When answering the question regarding vaporizers’ effectiveness in giving up smoking, 49.5 percent of people agreed. This positive perception was triggered due to vaporizers successfully replacing cigarettes. 13.3 percent disagreed with this claim and said that vaporizers are equally addictive compared to cigarettes because they contain nicotine. 37.4 percent of people could not decide because they needed prior knowledge.

Result evaluation

The overall result of the survey was good because almost half the population considered vaporizers healthier and better substitutes for cigarettes. The indecisive individuals were the ones that lacked knowledge. Moreover, disagreeing individuals had a negative perception regarding vaporizer usage. The public perception regarding vaping can be changed by informing knowledgeable people and compelling the disagreed individuals through proper research.

How to change the public perception?

If you are a vaporizer user and face criticism from your family and friends, then you can compel them by stating the following:

For people who consider vaporizers addictive and nicotine-based

Vaporizers cannot be linked directly to toxins because toxicity depends entirely on what you are smoking. You will find disposable vapes with zero nicotine on the internet, including Davinci IQ2 carbon and Mighty Plus, one of the industry’s most demanded vapes. These vapes include flavors that are undoubtedly effective but not toxic. The vaporizers are versatile because you can use them with nicotine and inject flavored juice to quit smoking..

For people who demand thorough research

You will find reports from certified institutes and government authorities regarding how healthy vaporizers are compared to cigarettes. Vaporizers are harmless on their own. The health factor depends entirely on the kind of stuff you are smoking. Vaping light and warm flower scents is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a traditional and authentic way to heal your internal system. 

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