The User Experience For The New Decade

In 2008/2009 the whole planet had experienced a significant downturn and the standing fact is that even after 10 years, the effects are still lingering. Therefore these results can still affect the user confidence and the general economic growth. However, knowing this little information, what does the future bode for business in general? We are also wondering about the entertainment sector of iGaming. Charl Geyser of DRGT shares his views on the future about the new decade and how the user experience will be when it comes to gaming.


The Player Experience Is Paramount

Char Geyser is very sure that there is and will be an increased shift in the way of iGaming display, in particular in Europe with an extent of Africa. The effort to remain relevant is important for growth towards the player experience. The business growth will be driven by changes in the market share, which is opposed to the actual increase in contributing towards driving growth. However, one thing is certain, whoever is operating across Europe or Africa, the player experience is paramount and it has to be exceptional. Char Geyser strongly believes that this is where DRGT (DR Gaming Technology) has a key role to play, by providing operators with the necessary tools and technology in order to deliver that exceptional user experience.

There has been a study done by PwC on user experience and the most 5 important things that humans value in respect of their users is: Efficiency, Convenience, Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff, Easy Support and Up-to-date Technology. This list is the starting point to the standing ever-evolving products that are placed on the casino floor.

The operators have access to it and they need it now, more than ever to be able to easily measure and manage the product contribution. After that they need to allocate that intelligence to specific players and use that intelligence to tailor that contribution towards those players and announce the casino staff and the players about these products. Once this entire process is done, it can be started again and in order to remain relevant, it must never stop.


The Newest Tools

Char Geyser believes that DRGT is able to stand-out in the marketplace, because they are able to provide operators with the needed tools to tackle 2020 head-on. For example, at ICE London 2020 in February, people who visited the DRGT booth saw a vast array of management tools which are all aimed solely at empowering slots, tables and personnel. The technology is easy-to-use which will help them understand, measure, service and engage their players better. This will help in creating the best possible user experience.

The management system tool will offer Tables Managers the same functionality and insights which in the past were exclusive for Slots Managers. For example, DRGT’s newest platforms of Poker21 and BlackJack 11 are easy-to-configure and personalise the games, because it also has a player-friendly interface and a communication software for the player. This new software would help a lot with the player communication over known games like Book of Ra 10. For Char Geyser, he really believes that DRGT is able to provide operators a formidable array of tools that allows them to enter the new decade. They can be confident that they will be able to deliver the best possible user experience which was used before to one type of player segment.

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