The Latest Noble Gold Investments Reviews Are Highly Positive

Gold Investment

When it comes to someone’s retirement, people want to make sure that they are settled. There are many ways to do this, but one way is to utilize Noble Gold investments. Even though there are many different technological ways to plan for retirement, gold is still a good way for people to plan for their retirement.

Precious metals, including platinum and palladium coins, gold, and silver are all perfect metals. They can also be kept for generations to come. If someone has a precious metals IRA, then they will be able to hold their gold and silver coins.

Noble Gold Investments is one of the best companies to use because many people have reviewed this company. To find out more about Noble Gold, continue reading down below.

Some of the Noble Gold Highlights

Noble Gold Investments came about in 2017. Since its launch, it has continued to perform well amongst the competition and is becoming a leader in the industry. Compared to many different precious metals IRAs, this company has done a great job creating the right team for the customer and their needs.

Some of the highlights are:

  • The customer service team is excellent.
  • There is a wide range of precious metals.
  • People can read the free gold IRA guide that the company has made.
  • The company is not made up of aggressive sellers.
  • There are high-security storage facilities that people can use to keep their physical precious metals.
  • The team has over 25 years of experience with precious metals investments.
  • People can store their rare gold and silver coins like the Australian gold kangaroo coins.

Noble Gold Pros & Cons

Like with every business, there are both pros and cons people should be aware of before they use any investment opportunity.


  • The customer support is excellent.
  • Noble Gold is the only precious metals advisor with a Texas storage facility.
  • Home delivery is available for those who have a Royal Survival Pack.
  • The minimum investment amounts are some of the lowest in the country.
  • If you want an account, then it is easy to set up.


  • Since Noble Gold has only been around since 2017, it does not have a long-standing reputation compared to others.
  • All of the storage facilities are in North America.
  • The prices for the coins are not available online.

Everything You Need to Know About a Precious Metals IRA

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account. A precious metals IRA or a gold IRA gives a person the opportunity to invest in gold coins or platinum coins. Similar to other IRA accounts, this account will help allow people to save these precious metals like when someone wants to save their paper assets.

The majority of gold IRA accounts are self-directed, so the holder controls when and how their gold is being used. Many people use precious metal IRAs because they hold in value over time.

The Different Packages You Can Get with Noble Gold Investments

There are many different account options available with Noble Gold, so people will be able to create the right plan for them.

Gold IRA

Most people have purchased the gold IRA option because it allows them to have many different precious metals. The Noble gold IRA will enable people to invest in gold without worrying about the market’s volatility.

Additionally, people will receive certain tax benefits if they use this Noble Gold IRA.

Silver IRA

If someone wants to open up a silver IRA, they will be pleased to know that it is the same as a gold IRA. Noble Gold has made the two options the same, but the only difference that can be found is that people will purchase different types of metal with it. Not surprisingly, a silver IRA will help people buy silver.

Royal Survival Packs

Noble Gold allows people to use a specialty service. The Royal Survival Packs have been made and can be utilized in an emergency. This is useful for preparing for when the bank collapses or when fiat currencies are no longer used. People will then be able to use the precious metals from their Noble Gold account to trade for goods.

The thought process behind this is to have assets that can people can use for survival purposes. If the stock market were to crash completely, precious metals would become easier to trade with. Typically, people keep precious metals and palladium coins with their Royal Survival Pack because they are easily tradable.

Another exciting feature of this account option is that it can be delivered to the house. Noble Gold Investments has created a program that will help those who collect gold and silver coins, so they can have them come to the house. This, according to Cayman Financial Review, is something that no other company does.

How Do You Purchase Precious Metals with Noble Gold?

Noble Gold offers several different ways for people to buy precious metals. It all depends on the type of account and the type of account the person wants to set up. Also, there are many different investment opportunities with Noble Gold. Some examples are:

  • Gold coins.
  • Gold bars.
  • Silver coins.
  • Silver bars.
  • Platinum coins.
  • Rare coins.

There is no surprise that people find opening an account with Noble Gold easy with so many options.

What Is a Noble Gold Representative Like?

Noble Gold is not a large corporation. Charles Thorngren and Colin Plume founded it, and they are still a part of the company today. The team works well together, and the two CEOs have made sure to stay involved with everything that goes through Noble Gold, so every customer is satisfied with their gold or silver IRA.

Back in 2017, Noble Gold was founded, which may put some people off because it is a relatively newer company. However, the founders have over two decades worth of investment experience, which does help to reassure people who want to get involved with precious metals.

Additionally, Noble Gold always wants to better its services. That is why the team is always asking for additional advice from some of the best financial planners in the industry.

Noble Gold Investments Reviews

When someone looks at the reviews for Noble Gold, they will be happy to find many positive ones. Many customers have said that the team is honest and open with their communication. They have been there to help people figure out which option is the right one for them. Also, there was always someone available to answer questions if there were any doubts.

Another comment has written that the team was never focused on making sales, so they were not aggressive when someone was to call. Instead, people felt as though Noble Gold offers an honest and truthful experience that allows every person to decide whether they want to buy one of the investment options.

Lastly, another review has said that they do not have anything bad to say about Noble Gold after being with them for over two years. This ensures future customers that they will enjoy their time with the company and that they will feel safe.

Noble Gold reviews like these are very helpful for those looking to purchase any gold IRAs or Royal Survival Packs. People will be able to feel at ease knowing that other people have all had positive experiences with the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noble Gold Legit?

It is smart to be cautious when purchasing any gold with a company, but people will be happy to know that Noble Gold is a legit company. The company is transparent with its information, which helps build trust with customers. Also, there are over three million customer reviews, which have all been verified to be real people.

Most of the reviews are positive, which is a great sign for those who want to make a precious metals investment. Also, the company is accredited by the better business Bureau.

What Is the Minimum Investment with Noble Gold?

There are many account options with Noble Gold, so it all depends on the person. It is not clear what the minimum investment is for every account option on the website, but there is some information about the Royal Survival Packs. People will need to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to $10,000.

However, Noble Gold is known for having one of the lowest minimum deposits available. After doing some searching, it can be concluded that Noble Gold does have an option for people to invest only $200. People do not know which account that option is for, so people should contact Noble Gold’s team to learn more.

Can I Sell Precious Metals?

Yes, people who have purchased their precious metals will be able to sell them again. Noble Gold is one of the few precious metals IRA companies that do this, so people have the option. Also, people will not need to explain why they want to sell them; the company will just repurchase them.


It is always good to prepare for retirement because no one wants to be left with no money. Luckily, investing in gold IRAs or other precious metals will help people plan their retirement. Also, Noble Gold is a legit company that is here to help, allowing people to have peace of mind when they think about their future.

Lastly, Noble Gold has many different account options that everyone can utilize. People should take their time and speak with a representative to learn more about what Noble Gold can do for them.

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