The Iran Dilemma – The Tyrant Has Spoken

By Peter Koenig


The tyrant, of course, is Donald Trump. He launched tirade after tirade, and keeps launching them, insult after insult, lies after lies after miserable lies at the Government of Iran – about Iran not fulfilling the conditions of the Nuclear Deal. The typical mass indoctrination of the western world through the presstitute mainstream media. Goebbels might smile in his grave, how well the neolibs or neo-Nazis have learned from the Nazis of his time – and perfected this science of deceit in the last 50 years. Fortunately, the counter culture, the truth seekers have also become more sophisticated. More people are waking up to the truth every day.

This Nuclear Deal was an agreement reached after 9 years of meticulous, often perilous and at times for Iran demeaning and offending negotiations. But Iran endured, because Iran’s negotiators, notably the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, knew what they were talking about, namely that Iran had never any plans to develop nuclear weapons, but using the enrichment process for the production of nuclear power. This was, by the way, confirmed by all 16 US security agencies. To no avail. The media all but ignored it. The announcement received little coverage by the MSM and was soon shoved under the carpet by the massive wester lie-propaganda.

Iran knew that justice was on her side – the agreement concluded in Vienna, Austria, on 14 July 2015 between the 5 + 1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China, France, Russia, UK, the United States plus German), as well as the European Union with the so called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Of course, this was under Obama’s Presidency, and Obama was not as friendly to Netanyahu as is Trump, who is through his family closely interlinked with the Master Zionist of the Zionists, Mr. Bibi Netanyahu.

President Trump wants to cancel the Nuclear Deal. He has said this from the very beginning of his Presidency. And lately he started new outbursts of false accusations against Iran. Now that the entire world is against him, wanting to adhere to the nuclear agreement, including some Republican members of Congress – all of the five signatories, even the otherwise vassal EU, they all say that Iran is fully complying with the agreement, and they will stick to the deal. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna has also confirmed that Iran is fully compliant with the rules of the terms of the accord.

Since it is now difficult for Mr. Trump or any of his handlers to pretend that Iran has failed the agreement, Trump has changed his language. He, and some of his most ridiculous stooges say now that Iran is infringing on the “spirit” of the agreement, as if Trump even knew what spirit and spirituality means.

The only National Security Threat to virtually ALL the nations of the globe, minus Israel, is the only rogue state we know – the United States of America.

He, the tyrant, keeps insulting and hammering down on the Government of Iran all the same – spreading lies which even Iran’s enemies know are lies: Iran is spreading and funding terrorism in the region, and the world, they are [military] threat to the region – and they are even a “National Security Threat” – 12,000 km away from Washington. Imagine, one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The only National Security Threat to virtually ALL the nations of the globe, minus Israel, is the only rogue state we know – the United States of America.

So, for now The Donald has retracted from his strong statement of cancelling the Nuclear Deal and said simply he will not “certify” it, whatever that means. Because “cancelling” by the US alone is simply another outrageous arrogance of Washington’s. The US is a mere signatory among 5+1 and the EU. So, cancelling is legally impossible. For now, he has relegated the “Issue” – the Trump problem, that is – to Congress to come up with a solution – i.e. more sanctions on Iran or – else?

Iran is beyond sanctions. Iran is already part of the new economic system – the one emanating from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), led by China and Russia, and detached from the dollar hegemony. Therefore, slandering Iran, threatening Iran with war and sanctions or both, is one big bluff – and Trump, Netanyahu’s puddle, believe the world will go for it.

More likely, Trump’s handlers want the Donald to create more confusion, spread chaos. Since the Iran “issue” was delegated to Congress to handle, Trump is again verbally firebombing North Korea, threats after threats. And dangerously provoking military games on DPRK’s sea and land borders. More sanctions are not enough, because by now everybody knows they don’t work. How can Washington impose sanctions on China and at the same time hope China will uphold the sanctions the US is imposing on the DPRK? North Korea’s economy is tied at the tune of 90% to China. Not to mention that “sanctions” – by now the hearing or reading of the mere term is laughable – imposed on China and Russia are totally meaningless, useless, toothless.

Both countries are trading with the world since quite a while outside of the fiat dollar system, using instead yuans and rubles convertible into gold. That’s the new currency standard offered to the world. The west can take it or leave it. It’s like jumping on the fast train that has already left the Shanghai station, racing through Eurasia towards Europe, called the OBI – the One Belt Initiative, President Xi’s answer to the western economy of fraud, that will lay the tracks for a new and peaceful economy, possibly for the next few hundred years. I have said it many times before, and will keep repeating it, the future is in the east; the west is passé. It is committing suicide, greed, war and lie-driven auto-destruction. Iran, India, Pakistan are already members of the SCO, others, including NATO Turkey, are vying to join and be no longer vulnerable to US imposed sanctions and sledgehammer policies.

How can Washington impose sanctions on China and at the same time hope China will uphold the sanctions the US is imposing on the DPRK?

Even far-away Venezuela has decided to trade her hydrocarbon resources with China in gold-convertible yuans. Hence, Venezuela is detaching herself from the dollar economy, freeing herself from the financial and economic shackles of Wall street, the FED and the Bretton Woods Institutions. Venezuela is a beacon illuminating a new economy for South America, as well as an example of a solid democracy, as demonstrated by this past weekend’s regional fully transparent elections to elect governors and state legislators – a new path to follow by other Latin American countries, who are still enslaved and trampled by the dictate of Washington.

So – why is Trump letting off his steam, showing off in such ridiculous brinkmanship? A piece of theatre for a public that is afraid to see the light? – Outbreaks of aggressive rants against Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and lately again Cuba – who is next? It’s like a dance of death – a final ritual that may end up in total nuclear annihilation or implode by its own weight, because those deep dark forces behind The Trump love life too much to let it be destroyed by their overdose of thrill.

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