Photography Business Opportunities for 2020

As a photographer, you have many different career paths to follow. It all depends on your lifestyle, tastes and preferences – whether you want to stay in one place or travel, if you prefer more fixed or more flexible working hours, etc. Most photographers these days decide to go freelance or simply open their own businesses to be able to decide what they do and for whom. Do you think this is the way for you but you’re still looking for inspiration as to what exactly you could do? Fear no more! Here are some of the best photography business opportunities for the upcoming year:

1. Family photography business

It has become extremely fashionable to do photoshoots using a hi pod for various family occasions (or even without any) – starting with engagement photos, through wedding, births of children, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. People, like never before, love to photograph their children to share these professional, beautiful photos in social media, hang on the walls and keep in their photo albums. It’s a great business opportunity – you can be sure you will never lack customers. So start your training today – get some newborn lightroom preset, learn to engage children and catch the moment. There are many courses available online that can help you prepare for this path.

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2. Stock photography

You simply take photos and sell them to a platform or a specific marketplace. Like Depositphotos, a stock platform with more than 200 million stock licensed images, videos, and sounds. There are no limitations as to what you should take photos of, so you can stay with whatever you like best. The other thing is people’s needs, though. With time, you will be able to tell which photos sell better and for more money than others and you will know how you should adjust.

3. Pet photography

You can easily merge this idea with family photography business – simply allow your customers to bring their pets to the shoot! A lot of people treat their animals like members of their family these days. They want to include them into family souvenirs (like photos) or even get a photoshoot of a pet alone. So if you’re an animal person yourself, this may be your gold mine!

4. Photography courses

If you have some experience, you have already worked as a photographer and you’re familiar with various techniques, you may decide to pass all your knowledge and skills to others. Organise an online course or a workshop in your area. Just make sure you come up with ideas for different courses – portraits, landscapes, editing, etc. – to give your clients reasons to come back for more and recommend you.

5. Wedding photography 

People are willing to pay really good money only to be sure that the photos of their wedding day will be perfect. So if you feel that you’re good at action shots, you don’t mind attending big events and working late, this may be a great opportunity for you. The best way to start is to build a portfolio website and get into partnership with wedding venues. 

6. Real estate photography

 If you decide on this path, your photos will go viral. You will be published in magazines and on the internet. Real estate agents and homeowners will always need good photos of houses; people used to do it on their own, but it’s too much of a competitive business for things to stay like this. So there’s a need for a professional. If you know something about building and interior photography, think about it!

7. Photojournalism

This is something for you if you don’t like to stay in one place and you want to be involved. Many newspapers and magazines don’t have their own photographers; they buy photos from the outside or hire freelancers for specific projects. It can get very absorbing, but also rewarding. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Pulitzer prize-winner.

8. War correspondent photography

It’s the next step, if you want something even more absorbing. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there’s always a war somewhere and the rest of us are not always aware of what’s happening. That’s why war correspondents are essential – they spread the truth about what’s going on and they get people’s attention. Yes, it can get very dangerous, but you would be making a huge difference.

9. Celebrity photography

People love to read about those who are famous (for whatever reasons) and they love to see photos of them even more. That’s why the paparazzi will always be needed. If you don’t mind following people around and waiting hours for the perfect shot, it may be a path for you.

10. Fashion photography

Fashions come and go, now more frequently than ever. People crave new things and fashion designers and fashion brands want to always deliver. No good fashion photographer will be jobless in the near future. If you have a good eye and you burst with ideas, you may have a career waiting for you in the fashion industry.

These are only a few of many possible career paths in photography. The important thing is to know what you really like and feel. It will help you to constantly become better and better which will keep both you and your customers happy and satisfied.

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