How to Make the Most of Your New Office Space?

Office space

In the present world scenario, employees prefer more control over their working hours and spaces. Conventional rules of fixed working hours have become a thing of the past. Flexibility is the new talk of the town. Clients, as well as employees, spend a considerable amount of time within the office premises. Hence, we bring you this guide focused on providing some amazing ways to make the most of your office space in 2023. Here’s to a cleverly planned workspace! 

1. Flexible floor plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way workplaces operate. It has introduced a more flexible edge. So, it’s advised to introduce recreational opportunities to the workspace. Employees no more agree to be glued to their seats from 9 to 5. Inculcate movable screens, open floor plans, and free-standing dividers to promote flexibility. 

2. Multifunctional and movable furniture

Give special attention to the furniture. Choose modern, foldable, and movable furniture instead of the conventional fixed ones. Install flexible ergonomic chairs that allow for easy maneuvering. Movable furniture allows for quick changes in the overall appeal of the place without much trouble.  

Plus, adding multifunctional furniture leaves more breathing space in the office. For instance, desks with electrical and storage support. 

3. Common area optimization 

Working for several hours at a stretch calls for the need for aesthetic & comfortable common areas. A widely believed myth is that common area are restricted to large workspaces. However, this is far from reality. 

Give a quick makeover of the newly leased office space for rent in Brisbane. Regardless of the carpet area, carving out a certain part of the office dedicated to employee leisure time is possible. This particular section can be used to have food, hold informal meetings, and supercharge themselves to return to work.   

4. Smart lighting use

Since lighting directly impacts employee performance, lighting is crucial when planning commercial interiors. A well-lit office provides a comfortable working environment. A dull and dim interior stirs demotivation, laziness, and slacking around unproductively. Use LED downlighting for a brighter office space. 

Moreover, it’s equally important to play with the natural sunlight. Keep the employees connected with the outside world. Let the natural sunlight shine upon them. 

5. Plan for future expansion

It’s a critical factor to consider while planning the office layout. Keep in mind the scope of future expansion of the business. You might want to add employees in the next 6 to 12 months. If so, where are you planning to fit them? Organize your office space, keeping future needs in mind. It’ll help in immediate hiring without having to redecorate the office space. 

6. Privacy pods 

It’s challenging for employees to work in an open floor plan office as they’re more likely to be distracted. Hence, it’s recommended to build private pods for the employees to work in. It keeps the disturbance and noise at bay. Apart from work, these privacy pods can serve other purposes, such as lactation, reading, calling, or meditation. 

It’s a little space that provides privacy to the employees and helps declutter their minds without external interruption. 

7. Technological requirements 

Set up a time to chat with your IT department or director of engineering on the best way to arrange the space so everyone can use the equipment they need before you unintentionally push desks away from phone jacks staff need to access. Think of where the printers are, where the technology is stored, how close the outlets are, where the wifi is, and where the projectors and screens will go.

8. Avoid overdoing the decor

Nothing is worse than a dull, dreary, well-organized workplace without personality. When it comes to office design, it may be tempting to prioritize functionality over aesthetics, but a little imagination can go a long way. Consider adding office plants, art pieces, motivational sayings, and company logos. But be careful not to go overboard. Office decorations should enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area rather than distract customers and staff.


Phew! These were some amazing ideas to make the most out of your office space. Remember that the office interiors reflect the vision and mission of your office. Direct a considerable amount of time towards finalizing the interiors of your commercial space. Apart from a spike in reputation, you’ll also notice increased productivity. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.