How to Make Money on Game Streams: Beginner’s Guide


Video game streaming is a fast-growing market where more and more people want to watch other people play and thus have fun without even participating in the game themselves. Playing games, especially with opponents, can be psychologically exhausting, and looking at who is good at this game can be not only interesting but useful in terms of gaining new knowledge. The growth of esports has further expanded this niche, attracting millions of viewers to watch spectacular esports battles.

Can you make money streaming games?

Absolutely yes. Of course, making your living only with income from streams sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible. However, you will need thousands of views, and attracting users will not be easy. Also, streaming takes a lot of time. People love to watch long streams, so you have to broadcast all the time. There is no doubt that this activity will take longer than creating a YouTube video. You will need to broadcast for several hours every day and remain captivating if you want to be a successful streamer. Meanwhile, it is not obligatory to reveal your identity. However, some info still leaks into the Internet, so everyone can find out, for example, Slot Queen real name.

How to become a successful streamer?

Many people want to play computer games and earn money at the same time. In other words, there is huge competition. To increase your subscriber base and boost views, you must be better, more fascinating, and cooler than anyone else. If you think that you will come out with a boring, unremarkable stream and make money, then you are deeply mistaken. You have to be insanely good and very funny to entertain your viewers. A bright personality, as a rule, will achieve success faster.success faster

The most successful representatives use their popularity to drive traffic to their streams. If you have a popular YouTube channel, then use it to promote your stream, if you have a lot of Facebook subscribers, then tell them about your stream as well. As you can see, it’s very hard to start streaming without having enough reputation. If you do not yet have your subscriber base, then we recommend you follow this strategy:

  • Create a YouTube channel. You have to recruit at least 100 people who will watch your videos;
  • Create intriguing video game reviews and advertise your stream at the end. Also, share with your audience how often you stream and why they should watch you;
  • The more spectators you have on your YouTube channel, the more you can attract them to the stream. Once you get over 100 Twitch subscribers, you can continue without YouTube.

This is a very short path, although you will spend hundreds of hours on it. A YouTube channel is essential for the development of your stream channel. By making game guides, you will collect subscribers 1000 times faster. Keep in mind, that even if you follow this strategy, success is not guaranteed. Streaming depends on your personality, and if your personality doesn’t suit it, then there’s not much you can do.

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