Do I Need a Visa for Canada?

Do I need a visa for Canada

Are you planning a trip to Canada? Are you planning to see Niagara Falls, Old Quebec or visit one of the wonderful national parks? This is now easier than ever! However, the question arises: “Do I need a visa for Canada?”

The answer ist quite easy! You do not need a regular visa that is stuck into your passport and issued by the embassy. All you need is an electronic travel authorization, the so-called eTA (electronic travel authorization), and you can easily apply for this online.

You will need this if you want to travel to Canada by air. So just a few clicks from home and your journey can begin!

How do I apply for the eTA?

To apply for the eTA for Canada, all you need is a valid passport and an internet connection. All you have to do is submit the application online and within a few minutes, sometimes hours, you will receive the approved eTA.

The only document you need is a valid passport, which must be valid for the period of your stay in Canada. Once you have submitted the application, you do not need to do anything else because as soon as your e-visa has been approved, it will be sent to you by will be sent to you by email

The big advantage of the eTA is that you don’t have to print it out or take it with you. You don’t need it as a physical document because the eTA number is automatically assigned to your passport number.

So at customs you just show your passport and the officer can already see in the system that you have a valid eTA. As simple as that!

You can also take a look at TN Visa Canada since it’s a good option for people from Mexico and Canada, seeking job in the USA.

What if I only fly transit through Canada?

Of course, it may also be the case that you only have a transit flight through Canada and will not leave the airport. One might think that in such a case you would not need an electronic visa.

However, this is a very big mistake! Even if you do not leave the transit area, it is essential to have an eTA. Otherwise you will not be able to take your flight and all your plans will have to change.

It is therefore very important to know that if you want to enter Canada by air, you must have an eTA, even if you only visit the airport in Canada.

Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs)

Temporary Resident Visas, often called visit visas, are granted to those who want to enter Canada temporarily for events like business meetings, vacations, or visits with family or friends.

TRV Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must possess a passport that is currently valid and has at least six months remaining on it after their intended departure date from Canada.

In order to indicate their desire to return, applicants must establish that they have substantial connections to their home country, such as work, family, or property ownership.

Depending on their country of residency and the duration of their planned stay, certain candidates may need to go through a medical examination.

Documentation showing that there are enough resources to pay for all living, travel, and lodging costs while the visitor is in Canada.

It’s important to have a spotless record since those with a criminal past may not be allowed entry into Canada.

What kind of travel can I do with the eTA?

Before you start your trip, it is important to know what this electronic visa in the form of eTA entitles us to. Of course, you can go on a purely tourist trip with it and not have to worry about it.

However, work is not possible. However, it is important to distinguish whether it is gainful employment or whether it is a business meeting. Because only with an eTA you cannot do any work in Canada that you get paid for. Only activities for which you are not paid and which do not last longer than 6 months are possible.than 6 months are possible.

A business meeting is also no problem – classic business meetings, conferences and meetings of this kind are absolutely fine. And of course, as mentioned earlier, the eTA is also the right document for transit travel.

How long is the eTA valid for?

In order to be sure whether this electronic visa is what you need, you of course need to know how long you want to stay. The e-visa is valid for 5 years or until the passport expires – whichever happens first.

With this visa you have the opportunity to enter the country several times within five years and stay on site for up to 6 months each time.

This means that every time you have the opportunity to come to Canada and admire all the wonders of this country, you can do so using the same visa.can do so using the same visa.

Express Entry System

A points-based immigration system, Canada’s Express Entry program aims to draw in qualified migrants who can boost the nation’s GDP. Candidates are assessed under the Express Entry system according to criteria including age, education, employment history, and language ability. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence is given to those who are selected.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class are the three federal economic immigration programs that Express Entry covers.

Although not required, applicants may get extra CRS points if they have a legitimate employment offer from a Canadian firm.

In order to be eligible for an ITA, candidates must fulfill the minimum CRS score criterion. For every Express Entry draw, a different score is needed.different score is needed


As you can see, it is not necessary to have a regular visa to Canada. However, it is not possible without additional documents. You need the electronic travel confirmation to enter Canada. Fortunately, this is as easy as ever!

All you have to do is fill out a single online form and submit an application. And that’s it, you don’t have to do anything else! From this point on, you wait comfortably at home for the approval and in the meantime plan exactly what your trip should look like. So it couldn’t be better!

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