Basic Poker Strategies


Poker is basically a number of card games. It is a very popular game as it interests the player with some skill, gambling and good luck too. But, before playing poker, one must know the basic tips and tricks of this game, the poker strategies, the rules, good tricks etc.. 

Poker is played with a normal set (or deck) of 52 cards. You will need basic skills, knowledge and a bit of luck also. Betting is done for playing poker. Bets can be usually made with ceramic or plastic discs called chips. You can also make bets with real cash money but chips are always easy to handle and carry.

Offline poker and gambling are allowed in only Goa, Sikkim, and Daman in India. But you can play online anywhere through various online websites. This is played by close friends in most of the gatherings or parties like birthday parties, diwali parties, get togethers etc.

Basic Poker Strategies that a player must know are;

  • Ditch your favorite hand: 

You should always ditch your favorite hand and try something different. 

  • Adopt a consistent strategy: 

It is said that the only way to win is to bet consistently. 

  • Always have a reason: 

Always have an obvious reason, when you break from their standard and successful strategies. 

  • Observe your opponents: 

It is said in poker that you play the player not your cards, i.e, you should always observe the activities of your opponents and play accordingly. 

  • Too much bluffing is bad: 

Little bluffing is okay for just to have fun but do not just go with the bluffing only.

  • Choosing opponent: 

You should be very careful while choosing a player for an opponent as it can directly affect your game. 

  • Opponent’s card: 

You should observe your opponent’s cards and behave accordingly. Try to figure out his strengths and weaknesses through the type of game he is playing.

Before trying out your basic poker strategies on the best poker sites in india, you must know the basic rules of the game;

  • The pack: The game is usually played with a deck of 52 cards, but sometimes people include the 2 joker cards as well ust to add more fun and excitement.
  • Card value/ scoring:  The principles of betting and also the value of poker, can easily help you to win or ace the game like Five of a kind, Straight flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Three of a kind, Two pairs, One pair, No pair etc. 
  • Betting:  This is a game of chip management where betting or wagering is done through chips, so betting is the foundation for the game.   
  • Know when to bet: You should always have the skill and knowledge to know when to bet, which is generally based on mathematics and some statistics. 
  • Table stakes: The number of chips you will have in front of your table will be your limit and you can only bet within those stakes.
  • The bug: The wildness of joker has limits. The bug is the joker. 
  • Draw and stud poker: In this game, the players have to decide which form the players would like to play between draw and stud poker. 
  • Time limit: The players have to set a time limit before starting the game. 


Hence, above were some rules and tips that you must be aware before playing the game of poker. Poker is however only allowed in three states to be played offline. But this game is still gaining popularity among online websites and a game to be played during various parties and gathering between family and friends. You must know the basic strategies of poker before engaging into one game. 

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