10 Reasons Why Millennials Need Health Insurance

Did someone mention to you that it is beneficial to get health insurance? You are thinking to yourself; I need anything but health insurance. You are not alone! The majority of millennials think the same way. It is the time of your life when you are too busy paying off the student loan, running a house, getting a car, etc. and health is your last priority. But, let us change your preferences a little because your health is the most important thing for you.

If you are healthy, all other things will matter; otherwise, no matter how wealthy you are, nothing in this world will fascinate you. We are sure, at this point, you are thinking “I am young, active and fit, what on earth could happen to me”? We all have been through the same situation, but when we say the measures you take for your health at this point in your life will yield productive results for you in the years to come.

When we talk about making healthy lifestyle choices, most people only mention healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy routine, but hardly anyone says buying Health insurance at this age is one of the most vital elements of a healthy lifestyle. It is better to opt for Health insurance companies such as Cigna Health insurance, which has a specific plan to address such issues.

We are going to give you a list of 10 reasons why Millennials need health insurance.


1. Affordable Monthly Plans

Many Millennials think that adding the cost of the premium to their monthly expenditure is a bad idea; however, if you choose a plan wisely, it will save you from more significant expenses that may arise in case of any injury or accident and give you peace of mind. It suggested we take a look at some good plans available in the market.


2. Stay Protected From Viral Infections

We all fell prey to viral infections such as cold, cough, flu at our workplace, college while traveling on the bus, or visiting social gatherings/public places such as malls, libraries, etc. To save our money and time, we often go for self-medication, which can be harmful and make the problem much more severe if the condition does not treat properly. From doctor visits to prescribed medicines, from tests to x-rays, everything will be covered under the health insurance plan. With already so many expenses on your plate, you wouldn’t have to worry about medical bills. Especially the east coast is prone to flu season, like Jersey or the NY area. So if you don’t have a health plan yet, check out NY health insurance and get yourself sorted out.  


3. Dealing With Different Diseases

To cope up with the fast-paced world these days, sometimes it seems impossible to balance work, relationships, and health. People hardly find time to prepare proper meals and end up grabbing fast-food for lunch and dinner. Job markets have become so competitive, and everyone is dealing with the constant struggle to upgrade his skill set. All these factors have increased the ratio of depression, obesity, and anxiety in society, especially Millennials.

Those individuals whose employers provide health insurance take mental health seriously and reach out to professionals. While those who are not entitled to these benefits. Tend to ignore their mental health and bear severe consequences.

Health insurance provides you easy and cheap access to mental health professionals and saves you from dreadful consequences. If you did not face any of these symptoms at this point doesn’t mean you can’t meet them later. So, it’s better to prepare beforehand because, with increasing responsibilities and pressures as you age, at that time, a point comes when you need the help of a professional. Therefore, we advise millennials to purchase health insurance timely to ensure better physical and mental health in the long run.


4. Welcoming A New-Born

Planning a baby is a significant milestone in our lives. While having a baby is very exciting, it can cause depression in some women. Pregnancy comes with all sorts of tests, ultrasounds, medicines, pre and postnatal care for mom and baby. Having a baby can cost you more in the form of medical bills, and we never want you to compromise on your or baby’s health before and after birth; therefore, we recommend buying health insurance to ensure a smooth pregnancy and postnatal care.


5. Injuries Associated To Sports And Gym

With changing trends in lifestyle, millennials like to take care of their health through regular exercise, and approximately 76% work out if not more, at least once a week. When you go to a gym or get involved in sports activities, you have a chance of injury. Health insurance plans will cover related damages and save you a lot of bucks in case of any misfortune.


6. Accidents

Accidents are inevitable. No matter how much care you exercise in your daily life, you are not invincible. Even if you drive carefully on the road or practice particular caution while working out, accidents can happen. In today’s world, when the cost of hospitalization is sky-rocketing, buying a health insurance plan will save you from spending hefty amounts on hospital expenses in case of any emergency or accident.


7. Eye Care

Our lives revolve around gadgets, and the importance of eye care in today’s world cannot neglect. Health insurance will guarantee you exceptional coverage for eye care in case you require a check-up or new pair of glasses. You can choose a different range of plans as per your requirements to be care-free when it comes to superior quality eye care.


8. Some Most Common Fatal Diseases

Today one can face different diseases like diabetes, alcoholism, and addiction to other drugs, high blood pressure, mental disorders, breast cancer, heart problem, etc. These diseases are common in this era, and it is essential to purchase a health insurance plan and get yourself assessed frequently for any symptoms. In case you already have a condition, the health insurance plan will save you from high medical bills.


9. Avoid Loans

From student loans to mortgage, credit card bills, car financing, we are all under so much debt that the addition of medical bills debt can be overwhelming for anyone. To save you from the hassle of significant expenses on the medical bills, recommended buying a health insurance plan, so you opt for the best medical services in your area without worrying about the bills, because like one says, “Health comes first.”


10. More Privacy

Many Millenials still registered at their parent’s insurance plan until the age of 26, but we all need some privacy. If you want to keep things like contraceptive method and any other tests for Sexually transmitted diseases which you might need, private from your parents, it is time to explore personal health insurance plan.



The millennial generation is very young and robust, and even they do not feel they need an insurance plan, it recommends that they should take this a vital part of their monthly or annual financial plan to save them from any disaster in the future. 

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