ZeroAvia Founder Val Miftakhov to Speak at BofA Securities Hydrogen Conference

The BofA Securities Hydrogen Conference focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of companies around the world. For ZeroAvia’s CEO and founder, Val Miftakhov, that is a concern close to his heart. To focus on the reduction in carbon, ZeroAvia is committed to hydrogen technology that aims to decarbonize the aviation industry. Miftakhov works closely with individuals and companies to develop commercial aircraft that fly on hydrogen-electric power to reduce their carbon emissions.

At the Securities Hydrogen Conference, Miftakhov will speak about that technology and how ZeroAvia is working toward longer flights for both cargo and passengers that do not add to the carbon footprint of the aviation industry. Green hydrogen is also an interest of BofA and other companies, and the conference brings them all together to consider the next options and opportunities in the field. When companies use green hydrogen, there is potential for a reduction in harmful emissions and a stronger supply of energy at the same time.

There is recent and increased interest in this type of renewable energy and the hype surrounding it. Green hydrogen will be the focus of the BofA Securities Hydrogen Conference; it’s the most abundant element in the universe. Both industry and government have begun to pay more attention to what green hydrogen can provide, and that is true in countries like Australia all the way to Saudi Arabia and beyond. American, Asian, and European nations are also taking an interest in this renewable energy option.

People like Miftakhov, who are showing the world how companies and industries can work together to create a renewable commodity sector for nearly any kind of product or service, are responsible for much of this interest. With their focus on commercial aviation, Miftakhov and the team at ZeroAvia understand that renewable energy is the future. Without it, the planet will continue to see increasing pollution levels and all of the related difficulties that come with them. But green hydrogen may be among the best ways to reduce that issue in the future.

Experts project that the renewable energy created by green hydrogen will quickly become a commodity worth trillions of dollars. It will forever change the energy sector and may also play a significant role in the fight against climate change. ZeroAvia is determined to be a part of that with its commitment to hydrogen-electric commercial aircraft. There is currently a world carbon emission target of net zero by 2050, and companies like ZeroAvia may be able to help make that a reality.

Hydrogen has been a hot topic in the energy world over the past few decades, with excitement for the renewable energy source waxing and waning over time. But all indications are that this is a time when using hydrogen is justified. Global research information from BofA has indicated that the world is reaching an inflection point. That means that hydrogen could begin to supply more energy needs, including fueling cars and heating homes.

With that in mind, companies like ZeroAvia are on the cutting edge of technology that could make hydrogen-powered transportation more logical, economic, and accessible. The hope is that hydrogen will become more of a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that most companies use today. When coupled with other forms of renewable energy, hydrogen could be a game changer for working toward net zero carbon emissions for the entire world, not just for a specific industry or group of industries.

Miftakhov will speak at the conference about the work that ZeroAvia is doing and the company’s focus for the future. The BofA Securities Hydrogen Conference is one of many discussions regarding hydrogen and how companies could use it as fuel in place of fossil fuels. With insight from companies like ZeroAvia, there is more opportunity to move hydrogen forward as a fuel for transportation companies and help it expand for use in other industries as well.

Transitioning to green hydrogen over the next few decades could mean using it for home heating, transportation, and other facets of life that no longer require fossil fuels, and that means a lower level of carbon emissions. Trillions of dollars in infrastructure may also be a part of changes throughout the world, as hydrogen production and use could lead to more jobs and a shift to cleaner energy as a whole. With hydrogen poised to provide so much of what the world needs for its energy consumption, conferences like this one are providing places where those committed to making changes can come together and discuss their goals and plans for the future.

About ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia is a company that produces hydrogen-electric aircraft and practical zero-emission aircraft powertrains. The company’s target aircraft are 9- to 19-passenger models, along with similar-size aircraft that transport cargo on journeys of 500 miles or fewer. Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia has headquarters in the U.S. and the U.K. Transforming the commercial aircraft space is one of ZeroAvia’s goals, as the company is committed to reducing carbon emissions and providing cleaner fuel options.

The company’s current HyFlyer II project is a hydrogen-electric-powered commercial aircraft that can fly a range of up to 500 miles and carry either cargo or passengers. By 2030, the company’s stretch goal is to produce an aircraft that can carry up to 100 passengers and travel more than 1,000 miles. The hydrogen-electric powertrains that ZeroAvia creates reduce both carbon emissions and noise.

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