Xtrend Speed Is Trusted as the Exclusive Online Trading Partner of Serie a Club Acf Fiorentina


In 2022, the world-class brand ACF Fiorentina announced a partnership that will make the renowned financial trading service provider XTrend Speed, the new Official Online Trading Partner of the Viola Club.

ACF Fiorentina is dedicated to maximizing the benefits gained from investors and club activities. Therefore, a feasible and highly efficient online trading tool is quite essential to meet the goals. The collaboration with Xtrend Speed has dramatically broadened the coverage of the club’s investment visions and methodologies, which shall better boost the progression of the club’s business. More gaining, more ability to optimize the club.

Founded in 2018, XTrend Speed is one of the world’s leaders in online financial brokerage services, providing customized trading capabilities through its multi-asset trading platform, offering a wide range of trading instruments, including foreign exchange, stocks, commodities, and indices.

As a partner of Fiorentina, the XTrend Speed brand will receive global exposure through extensive marketing opportunities, including brand exposure on LED walls and interview backdrops during the competition, giving interested audiences more opportunities to learn about financial markets.

XTrend Speed is an efficient app-based trading platform available on iOS and Android. The owners of each brand developed the app technology by listening to traders and emphasizing their customer service of quick problem-solving and troubleshooting.

“At XTrend Speed, we believe in the commitment to continuously elevate and innovate our brand internationally, being one of the global leaders in online trading, we want to constantly build a stronger bridge so we can open up the financial markets to everyone. We are very excited to begin our new sponsorship deal with Serie A Club ACF Fiorentina, a football club that has a long tradition and strong ambitions for the future, our partnership is an integral part of enhancing our brand with one of the top clubs and leagues in European and World Football.” Michael Rezaie CEO of XTrend Speed.

After a long period of continuous efforts, XTrend Speed has won the trust of hundreds of investors around the world, as well as the following honors:

  • Best Mobile Broker of the Year – 2020
  • Best New Forex Trading Platform – Europe – 2022
  • Fastest Growing Online Forex Broker – Asia – 2022
  • Best Forex Trading App – Asia – 2022
  • Best Mobile Broker Award – Europe – 2022
  • Best Forex Copy Trading Platform – Global – 2022

Big data shows investors still have high expectations for investment returns under such difficult circumstances (Russia-Ukraine war, Post-pandemic, and serious inflation) which may limit the desire to be a consumer but increase the momentum to be an investor. With XTrend Speed, users can trade at home, safeguarding their safety and living quality. The operating system is a piece of cake for the majority of people.


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