World of Boat Chartering is Changing 


The water-based travel industry is undergoing significant change as demand for these types of experiences has grown tremendously in recent years. Whether it is traveling between countries on a luxury cruise liner, sailing around islands on a yacht or enjoying the city skyline views from a riverboat, boat-based vacations are on the rise.

Water-based travel is changing the travel industry in the US

The yacht charter industry is booming in the United States, as well as in Europe and many other parts of the world. Charters now account for between a 30 to 35 percent share of the global boat market with more people wanting luxury marine travel with personalized services.

The global yacht charter market was valued at 6.5 billion US dollars in 2019. High net worth individuals are a huge part of the charter market’s customer base and the number of these individuals in the US and around the world is growing, with there being an estimated 22.4 million people in this category. 

These customers often book boat charters for short breaks to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with weekend parties and dining experiences. With the growing use of social platforms like Instagram, the pressure for high net worth influencers to show off their wealth with these experiences has risen. 

However, in recent years the charter market has reached a much larger audience and a wider demographic of people are now enjoying vacations out on the water. 

Why are US travelers are favoring boat chartering over other travel options?

Booking is now far easier

Booking boat-based travel experiences have never been easier than it is now, with people able to visit sites such as and book a charter holiday almost instantaneously. The charter marketplaces allow users to search for boats in the exact location they would like to visit and filter their options based on boat size, budget, and specific features. 


Now that it is easier to find charter opportunities, consumers are realizing that this type of travel can be more cost-effective than other popular methods. Traditional package hotels that include hotel accommodation, return flights and food can be expensive and there is little flexibility in the cost.

Whereas, when chartering a yacht or other similar vessel, the individual has the freedom to book exactly what they want. You can book individual activities and decide whether or not you would like to prepare your own meals.

When booking a boat charter vacation, you are also able to avoid all the crowded tourist hotspots, and in many of these locations’ visitors incur extra charges during the busiest tourist season. 

Ability to explore multiple destinations in one trip

Another reason that boat chartering has become so popular is that it meets the needs of travelers wanting to experience multi-destination vacations, this includes island hopping and sailing between small islands and even sailing between different countries. 

A large vessel acts as both an effective mode of transportation and luxury accommodation. Allowing travelers to get the most out of whatever time they have to visit new destinations.

In the United States there are a vast array of destinations suitable for yacht chartership. For example, in South Florida there are beautiful sandy beaches in Fort Lauderdale or the bustling city of Miami to explore. 

Experience the beautiful Miami sights yourself by chartering a boat this Summer.

Experience the beautiful Miami sights yourself by chartering a boat this Summer.

Alternatively, Chesapeake is America’s largest bay with almost 12,000 miles of shoreline to see. From rugged islands perfect for hiking and cycling to historic fishing towns, there is so much to experience on a charter vacation here. 

Emerging technology has impacted the chartering industry

There are new technologies that are improving the experiences that people have onboard luxury yachts. Some of the top-of-the-range vessels now have built-in smart home technology integration.

These pieces of tech control everything from the temperature on board to the lighting, blinds and the entertainment systems. For those looking for a luxury experience while out at sea, these small touches really make a difference.

Other recent technological innovations have improved GPS systems and made navigation easier with navigation data and screen displays. These displays can provide important information such as exact locations and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Yachts generally spend a large amount of time cruising near to the coastline, therefore charter companies have been investing more in making sure 4G LTE and 5G networks are available to guests. With so many people heavily reliant on their smartphones and laptops, having secure internet connections while on board is a huge selling point for those interested in this type of vacation.

The world of boat chartering has changed significantly over the last decade in the US and around the world. As this type of vacation becomes more affordable, onboard technology continues to develop and booking online becomes seamless, we can expect demand to continue to rise and the industry to grow significantly in the years ahead.

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