Women in Tech: How Email Expert Andrea Loubier is Leading the Email Revolution

Interview with Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier

Email communication plays a vital role in today’s highly digitised and complex business environment. However, being overwhelmed and frustrated by emails is inevitable. In our interview with Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier, we talked about the occurring changes in today’s email world, on effective email management and how being a woman in the tech industry could be of advantage in navigating a company to be in the vanguard of technological innovation.


Before finding your niche in the technology sector, you were immersed in other industries. Could you tell us your career journey?

First corporate job out of college was with a market research firm. I was there for 6 years and worked my way up every year. I was very committed and dedicated to my role at that company. I worked very hard. The next job I had was with a software company, and up and coming one that was growing fast and I heard they treated their employees amazingly well. So I was there for one year before asking myself what I wanted to do next, and decided I wanted to work with technology and also gain some international business experience. So I packed up my life and moved to Bali, Indonesia, met my two co-founders for Mailbird and began to create a business and solution for millions around the world out of nothing. I always have a tendency to enter management roles, some say I have a type A personality. I like to plan, organise and execute.


Presently, you’re the CEO of Mailbird. What makes this executive role significant for you?

It’s significant because it gives me the feeling of ownership in what I put my life into, from the very beginning. It means I get to lead and be the person who represents the company and the brilliant people behind it at Mailbird.


Email is vital in modern business correspondence. What are the significant developments you have witnessed over the years? Is it fair to say that email platforms have indeed evolved?

Email is probably one of the greatest things that came from the invention and mass adoption of the Internet. It’s the best way to communicate cross boarders, fast and efficiently.

Email is probably one of the greatest things that came from the invention and mass adoption of the Internet. It’s the best way to communicate cross boarders, fast and efficiently. Over the years, it’s clear that people are becoming overwhelmed with managing information that comes through their inbox. So now you see many email platforms evolving with the increase of shared information to help people reduce the management of it, with smart features that automatically do things for you or simply make things faster by the milliseconds. That precious time is everything today, and email platforms are getting smarter, so people and businesses can spend their time efficiently. For our focus, we are looking to de-cluttering and unifying all those communication apps that are built on top of email into one unified platform with Mailbird. So you have all your email accounts from any provider, plus your other communication channels like Messenger, WhatsApp or even WeChat for those in China fully integrated into Mailbird’s unification platform.


From aspiration to fruition – now we have Mailbird. What’s the story behind Mailbird? Why is your company known as the Sparrow for Windows?

Myself and my two Danish co-founders, both named Michael, all expressed problems and our deep disdain for email. It’s stressful. I get too much of it. It’s not enjoyable to use. We saw Sparrow, a native email client for Mac only that provided a clean, stripped down, simple native Gmail experience in a nicer user interface. Nothing like Sparrow existed for Windows, and we believed we could take it a step further by supporting all email providers, and not just Gmail. Then the big differentiator and ideas started flowing, how email can evolve with all the new productivity and communication apps used across different generations and use cases, from personal to business, from grandparents to teenagers. A beautiful experience, fast and easy to use, smart unified email and communication platform that’s good enough for businesses and easy enough for the not-so tech savvy.

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About the Interviewee

Andrea Loubier is a travel addict, who is obsessed with spicy food. A third culture kid who is crazy, passionate about entrepreneurial initiatives for women, improving the unification of online communication and building businesses from the ground up. Andrea is a thought leader for startups founded by brilliant women in Southeast Asia. She is the CEO of Mailbird.


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