Wide Range of Industrial Equipment Solutions Offered by BF Tech


BF Tech offers a wide range of innovative premium ice equipment, consumables, parts, packaging, services and technical solutions for ice production equipment. BF Tech is a leading supplier of complete equipment, parts and consumables. The team at BF Tech has more experience in providing the right solutions than any other team, so they offer more services and solutions than any other company. In addition to delivering ice to your business, BF Tech provides design, sizing and equipment selection, installation, monitoring, commissioning and maintenance. Experienced professionals supply ice supplies, equipment and spare parts and provide customized solutions and care for current problems and future operations. Leading manufacturers are selling new equipment, preventive maintenance and reconstruction at BF Tech. BF Tech has built, developed and serviced more ice companies than anyone else. The technical services team has unique knowledge and experience in ice applications in various industries and professional markets worldwide. Technical skills and expertise allow us to offer customized solutions to make your work more efficient, effective and profitable. BF Tech guides you step by step to success and helps you get the most out of your ice production by providing unique services and solutions that precisely meet your business needs and specifications. It also allows you to pre-calculate the return on investment in the purchase of equipment and project development. You can also train your employees on all the skills they need to run smoothly. Maintenance: Popular service programs can help minimize costly downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Not only restaurants but also numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and entertainment centres cannot do without cooling devices. The equipment includes not only refrigerators and freezers but also ice makers. Visitors prefer chilled cocktails and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, especially in spring and summer when it’s warm outside. Therefore, you can only do it with a high-quality ice generator. It is easy to buy equipment because BF Tech offers customers a whole range of equipment at high and low prices. In addition to the manufacturer and price, ice generators differ in power, efficiency and shape of ice. The devices can produce ice in cubes, flakes, granulated ice and other types. The owners of bars and restaurants prefer ice generators, which the establishment’s guests most like. Regardless of the country, ice machines are manufactured with long service life and a warranty from BF Tech. The equipment presented at BF Tech is characterized by high quality and smooth operation; the devices work flawlessly during the process and do not require repair or replacement. Ice generators are designed for significant operating loads; they are resistant to mechanical damage and the influence of the external environment.

Machine for making ice cubes

BF Tech is one of the leading industrial equipment manufacturers that sell ice machines at a reasonable price. Manufacturers use durable, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly plastic or stainless steel to make the case, which is essential for devices. On the BF Tech website, numerous models are presented, in which the upper wall of the matter is plastic, and the inner wall is steel. Regardless of the material, the design is wear-resistant, durable, and does not release harmful substances and unpleasant odours during operation. The devices are characterized by compact dimensions and are lightweight, which allows you to place the device in a small space, such as a home or industrial kitchen. The devices work from the electrical network.

Practicality and reliability

Devices have several important and exciting features that should be considered when ordering and buying a specific model. Features include indicators:

  • Power;
  • Productivity;
  • Tank volume;
  • The presence of a water pipe;
  • Type of cooling;
  • Dimensions;
  • Weight.

Depending on the type of cooling, manufacturers produce ice generators with air and water connections. Ice generators are intended for cafes, bars, and restaurants, where the air conditioning system works at a high level. Suppose there is no air conditioner and it is impossible to install it. In that case, we recommend buyers purchase ice generators with water cooling, characterized by increased efficiency and stable operation in rooms with increased humidity and temperature. Disadvantages include significant water consumption.

Functionality and performance

It is worth noting that the performance indicator is essential for ice generators. At BF Tech, you can buy devices with different power levels at an attractive price. In addition to the power supply and cooling system, the type of product must be considered. The site offers various types that do not require a water connection and products that need a water connection. The generators presented at BF Tech can produce ice cubes of different sizes. In addition, depending on the type of device, they are equipped with a unique sensor that monitors the filling of the ice container and automatically stops the cube production process when the container is full. BF Tech offers customers the best-price ice cube maker equipped with a shockproof system to protect the user from electric shock when using the generator. The equipment is:

  • Reliable;
  • Practical;
  • Functional;
  • Safe.

BF Tech-consultants will select a home or industrial ice maker. Professional equipment is designed for bars, restaurants and cafes. They pack the generators in solid containers, and we send them by transport companies to where you need them.

Refresh quickly and efficiently!

An ice generator is not a device without which a cafe, restaurant or bar cannot operate. But this is precisely the technique, the presence of which will immediately raise customer service to a qualitatively new level. Interestingly, depending on the model, ice generators can produce ice of entirely different shapes. Thanks to this, bartenders can create tasty and visually beautiful cocktails. The basic rules of choice are buying an ice generator and avoiding mistakes, and BF Tech makes purchasing a quality ice maker a relatively easy task. One of the advantages of the BF Tech company is the most profitable and loyal pricing policy for customers. At the same time, the store’s assortment includes both budget models and premium-class ice generators.

Use the following tips to help you choose the right ice maker. Remember that you need to work with the ice maker. If the buyer’s goal is to purchase an ice maker for home use, we recommend choosing a small, light, portable one. The same advice can be given to owners of small bars and restaurants. Pay attention to the principle of cooling the ice maker. It doesn’t matter if it’s air or water. Suppose you have problems with air circulation in a particular room. In that case, we recommend stopping at the second option and considering that the price of such an ice generator will be slightly higher. Remember that the ice maker can be placed on the floor or a table. The first type is most suitable for large coffee shops, where there is always a large flow of customers. The critical condition for using such an ice maker is the ability to connect it to the water supply. Therefore, high-quality filters responsible for water purification must be installed in ice generators of similar plans. Consider the type of water supply to the ice maker. It can be introduced centrally or immediately poured into special containers. In this case, it is essential to use a cleaner and a water softener. The first option is more universal. Before such a serious purchase, you should get professional advice from BF Tech employees. Keeping all these parameters in mind will make it easier for you to buy the right ice maker. You can also shop online.

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