Why You Should Choose Propiy


Propiy is a prop trading firm that offers online capital services up to one million dollars. It has a dedicated server and the possibility of receiving 90% of the profit.

Jet Jump, an attractive plan by Propiy, provides a shorter path to profitability for its users.

In the world of financial trading, we are looking for a way to increase our capital and achieve significant profits. One of the ways that Propiy offers to professional traders is the “Jet Jump” model. This model allows people who have their own specific strategies and trading styles to quickly increase their capital and become recognized as a successful trader in the financial market.

One of the prominent features of the “Jet Jump” model is that traders start trading directly on the Real account, without having to go through the two usual challenge stages. This model maximizes investment and allows traders to receive their profits in case of success and benefit from them.

In this article, we will get more familiar with the “Jet Jump” model. We will examine the features, different paths, benefits, rules and useful tips of this model so that you can make an informed decision for your trades and achieve profit and success in a shorter way.

Features of Jet Jump

  • No challenge, direct Real account: In the “Jet Jump” model, the trader does not need to go through the two challenge stages and starts trading directly on the Real account. 
  • No daily drawdown, only total drawdown: In this model, you do not need a daily drawdown. You only have to observe the total drawdown, which is equal to 5% of the initial balance of your account. 
  • Leverage 50: Since there is no need to go through the challenge in this model, risk and capital management are of high importance and the leverages of this account are up to 50X. Only 5 days to 
  • withdraw: This means that in case of profit, after 5 days traders can send a request to withdraw profit and receive 50% of their profit. 
  • Every 10% to increase capital: By earning every 10% profit, you will enter the next phase and your account will be doubled or one and a half times respectively to quickly have a higher capital. 
  • Profit split 50%: After registering a request to withdraw profit, a 50% profit split will be done and you will have 50% of the profit at your disposal after passing 5 days from the account.

Propiy Rules

In this model, traders must adhere to the rules and limitations announced in the Propiy rules section.


This model allows traders to trade on a Real account without going through the challenge. The possibility of total drawdown gives traders peace of mind. Daily drawdown will no longer be a hindrance. Trading leverages up to 50X enable traders to manage their capital and trades more effectively. Possibility of faster profit withdrawal with the offer of 50% profit split. Increase of capital in each phase without the need to go through the challenges.

The “Jet Jump” model gives traders the opportunity to increase their investment quickly according to their strategies and trading styles and to trade in the financial market. This model provides a shorter and more effective way for trading in the financial markets and is suitable for experienced traders with profitable strategies.

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