Why Slots Gambling in Ireland is Gaining

Slots Gambling

Strict quarantine and self-isolation during the latest pandemic of the coronavirus have boosted the global gambling market. Online casinos started growing more actively. To be precise, in March 2020 the new age in the global online gambling market began. The number of players in online casinos has started to grow exponentially. One month later, the average deposit in online casinos in Ireland increased by 3%. People started using their smartphones more often than computers for betting. For now, about 70% of all online bets are made from mobile devices.

Gambling In Ireland

Today, Irish gaming law does not directly address online gaming. It defines casino games as those where players risk their bets. One of the requirements is using special equipment such as cards, a table, or a slot machine. Gamblers are
relatively free there. They can enjoy most types of gambling. The Irish government leaves all regulatory acts to the local authorities, although big operators are under heavy regulation. In their turn, the local authorities strive to minimize the risk to society. But in spite of that, both land-based and online casinos operate around the country successfully. Only in Dublin, the quantity of operating slot machines is around several thousands.

Gambling In Ireland

One thing is clear – the gambling industry benefits the Irish economy. Tax gambling operators must now pay 2% tax on wagers instead of 1%. So, the State treasury can expect even more revenue than before!

The Last Tendencies and Future Prospects

Gambling is a big industry. It’s becoming almost a part of daily life in Ireland. This market is estimated at around €1 billion per year. €135 million comes from gaming machines. Online gambling is a crucial factor that took its toll on the growth of the industry. Until 2015, it was illegal in Ireland. Today, the online gambling market is estimated at around €220 million, even though it’s generally hard to estimate it.

What should we expect from gambling in Ireland in the near future? The last tendencies are the following:

  1. Growth in the amount of online casinos. According to experts, the accessibility of any online casino in Ireland from your own sofa makes them quite popular there.
  2. Mobile gambling. The number of gamers in online casinos is increasing every year. A constant growth has become possible due to an improved Internet coverage and the fact that mobile devices have become more functional. Some casinos have even developed their own mobile gambling apps.
  3. Use of cryptocurrency. In 2021, cryptos gradually replaced traditional payment methods in gambling. The main advantage of this type of transaction is the security provided by blockchain technology. Thanks to it, the risk of theft is reduced to zero.

Gambling In Ireland

As you could see, the industry keeps growing. It’s interesting to know what else it can bring in the future as the current laws of Ireland allow sports betting, casinos, bingo, poker and online slots. Nothing quite reflects the popularity of gambling
like the statistics. The thing is that authorities issue quite a few licenses for gaming machines every year. If they do that, it’s because too many people out there enjoy them!

The online slots sector

The online slots sector has grown dramatically over the last decade. There are now more games than ever. And one must agree, the quality of games has gone through the roof. If you’ve never tried slots or online casinos before, it can turn out to be quite a task to define which games are worth playing. And more importantly, which games are the ones to avoid.

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