Why RTP Percentage Dominates The Decision-Making Process in Bitcoin Games

RTP Percentage

The selection to play Bitcoin games has been their RTP percentages. RTP is an abbreviation for return-to-player. For a gamer, the RTP score is relevant in that it determines returns to the player for each wager in a game over time. This unit is expressed in percentage and rewards the gamer with their return in percentile for every wager made. An RTP game with 95% and higher is very favourable.

RTPs are commonly found in slot games when gambling. A player who does not play slots frequently will not benefit from a game with a high RTP.  these players are more likely to select a game because of its feature and not the rewards it can generate.

RTPs Mathematical Formula

RTP is calculated in terms of the total amount wins (eg. 97) divided by the total amount spent in gambling (eg. 100) multiplied by 100 to establish percentile (eg. 97%). The calculation is for a min of a million spins. Another way of thinking is that the house will be keeping the remainder of the percentage (3%) from all wagers made on the game.

Based on the game being played, the calculation of the RTP can be made further complicated according to multiple pay lines and features embedded in the game. Irrespective, the game will still provide the RTP in its information bio.

Variance vs RTP 

Games can have the same RTP but differ in variance. One would have a low variance in that the RTP payment are in small amounts yet frequent. While the other game’s RTP payment would be in larger amounts yet these would be infrequent. 

Though the player would like to believe that RTP would guarantee a win, gambling is still playing with the hope to win. The odds can still play in any favour, providing the unpredictability players find both thrilling and expect.

Game Volatility vs RTP 

Game volatility would be about how much or how often a slot pays out in winnings. A slot is said to have high volatility if it pays out winnings in large amounts spread far apart. A low volatility slot would pay small amounts at closer intervals. Other volatility distinctions are between; that it was medium, medium-low and medium-high.

Where volatility speaks on the frequency of the amounts paid out to the player, RTP speaks on the returns on the wagers made by the player. Therefore should a game have an RTP of 95%, whether it’s high or low volatility, it may still payout based on the RTP.

Games with the Highest RTP 

 Slots are not the only game offering where RTP rates can be found. There are tons of live RTP (return to player) bitcoin games which are ideal for players of all skill levels. Live games Roulette, Craps, Sic Boi and Baccarat often have high RTP players find without seeking. 

Certain betting options will provide an increased RTP.  various kinds of Poker games also provide the player with high RTP (Video poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Holden Poker and 3-Card Poker). 

When RTP Plays A Role

Gamblers play not just for recreational fun, but also play because there is a reward to be won with every wager. When a game’s high RTP appears to provide that winning edge, it’s only natural for the gamer to select it.

The RTP of the game is particularly beneficial for players who play a game over an extended period.  Or the gamer who would like to gain some wins in a game with high RTP to fulfil wagering conditions from their bonus. 


Gamers still make gaming selections based on their individual favourites. The RTP in the game is just one of numerous considerations when the gamer is looking for that edge.

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