Why People are Shifting Towards Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency, both as a word and as a concept, is becoming more and more popular in this day and age. Bitcoin is, by far, the most popular virtual currency and it is giving a helping hand to countries with limited resources. The entire crypto market is managed by advanced blockchain technology, and these private currencies do not involve tangible or non-tangible assets.

Cryptocurrency is being used in all sorts of industries from travel, finance, retail, business investments, buying and selling of real estate properties, online gambling and sports betting such as on cricket betting prediction, and more. Recently, nearly 35% of businesses have shifted to Bitcoin and other digital coins as their main mode of payment. So, what does cryptocurrency offer to the ordinary individual? Let’s find out more in this article.

Easier transactions

Businesses and daily transactions are manageable with cryptocurrency. In fact, there are many mobile applications today in which you can trade the currency and even invest in it. Apps like Coinswitch give users excellent liquidity where they can transfer their investment that they have made into their back account and cash out real money.

Ethereum and other virtual coins have even started their own ATMs. For these reasons, crypto has moved away from trading and has now become something that can fulfil your daily needs.

Speed is also another crucial advantage when comparing it to our banking systems. It only takes a few minutes to complete a transaction while the bank takes a minimum of two working days to process payments.

Top-notch security

The blockchain industry is controlled by cryptography in which private keys are given to each exchange. These keys act like a two-factor authentication since you need to enter your e-wallet password first. Then, the network will scan your private key and give it a green chit. These security layers make it nearly impossible for a security breach and immune to cybercrimes like fraud and counterfeiting.

A better return on investment

The coins’ face value is skyrocketing. Bitcoin is worth more than gold and it is also known as the digital gold. The decentralised network’s market value is constantly on the rise. Due to this, one can trade and invest if he is dealing with cryptocurrency.

You are the owner

The biggest advantage about cryptocurrency is that you are the owner of your own funds. If you compare it to PayPal, for example, then the information is shared with the third party. With cryptocurrency you own both the public key and private key which means that you are the sole owner of all the information. This makes it free from any unnecessary sharing.

Less revelation of confidential information

Data leak and theft is a burning issue all around the world, as companies transfer data to other firms to analyse consumer behaviour. In the blockchain industry, you will trade anonymously as there is no outsider who will be able to view your details and the content of your transactions.

You can buy and/or sell freely without revealing your identity. Transactions will only show in your e-wallet, and this is an effective security protocol.

International payments

Cryptocurrency makes it easier for you as there is no control of any foreign exchange. You can send or receive freely without paying an extra dime. This does not apply to countries where crypto regulations are banned, like China.

Digital coins are now also regulating their e-wallet and you will receive updates about your investments. You can also buy virtual tender on interest.

Cryptocurrency provides a lot of benefits to both companies and the common individual. People are shifting towards crypto more and more and this will only keep on rising. While it is true that there are some factors that are questionable when it comes to cryptocurrency, the perspectives still look positive from where we’re standing. With the right approach and new cryptocurrencies constantly emerging, crypto is definitely here to stay. Many nations are working on creating new frameworks to streamline the process of transactions and make them easier and more efficient. Their mission is for cryptocurrencies to become part of mainstream economy which is they way that cryptocurrency is heading.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.