Why is Employee Engagement Important? Tools for Boosting Employee Engagement

Searching for effective ways to keep your employees engaged? Why not give them the tools that can empower them? Here, we will discuss some software that can help you with employee engagement. However, before we get to that, what is employee engagement, and why is it important?

For a business’ success, employee engagement is pivotal. By all means, every business needs to give due importance to it to take the company to newer heights. The concept of employee engagement is quite simple. See, as a leader or a manager, it is your prime responsibility to ensure that the people who work for you or your company feel invested in your business. If they do, they will then do everything in their might to ensure that their effort springs profits. Sounds easy? Well, it is easier said than done. 

Unfortunately, a recent study showcased that employee satisfaction and employee engagement often rank last in the list for most organizations as far as workplace productivity goes. Now, the big question – what is employee engagement, and why is employee engagement critical? 

By definition, employee engagement is the degree of emotional commitment, involvement, and motivation employees feel towards their workplace. The employee engagement, which will determine how invested your workers will be in helping you achieve your company goals, says Natasha, a manager with a company that offers java homework help services. So, naturally, when an organization gives due focus to employee engagement, there will be a favorable employee engagement implication. Consequently, the performance will increase, the work satisfaction rate would be higher, and productivity will improve. So, if you ask us, does employee engagement make the difference? Then, the answer is simple – 100 percent, it does!

A single, engaged employee can significantly contribute to the growth and productivity of an organization. Now, consider a bunch of satisfied, motivated, and engaged professionals working together? Naturally, it will be easier for you to achieve the company goals and materialize your business objectives faster. 

So, here, let us take a look at some ways in which employee engagement impacts your business positively.  

Better job satisfaction

Having engaged and invested professions is the smartest and the fastest way to boost employee satisfaction. Engaged employees are better satisfied with their job and are happy about their associated responsibilities. James, a team leader with a company offering Assignment Help Australiasays that when the employees are satiated with their assigned roles, they do not hesitate to put additional time and effort into what they are doing.  

New and improved work approach

If your subordinates feel disengaged, it means they are not interested in the assigned tasks. It results in lower creativity and inhibitions to take up any challenging task. On the contrary, an engaged employee will always have a creative and innovative approach to materializing the assigned task. Foosball tables can help improve creativity and camarederie in your team.

Better customer experience

The priority for every business ought to be a customer-centric approach. All employees need to focus on employee engagement. It helps you bridge the gap between how your employees are treated and how they treat your customers. 

Reduced employee turnover

It is a well-known fact when an employee is engaged; they are more likely to stick to their company instead of switching jobs. Martha, a manager with a company offering the best online excel coursessays that their prime focus is on employee satisfaction and engagement, which is the reason for the low turnover in their company. Yes, when an organization focuses more on employee engagement, you will have more loyal executives who will want to be associated with you for longer tenures. Consequently, the organization can attract quality talent, and you will have better performers in your workplace. 

Better productivity

For a business, improved employee productivity software always reaps in better results. If your employees are productive, your business will be more successful. An engaged employee will always be collaborative, innovative, and more dedicated to their work. Consequently, overall workplace productivity will be great. 

Now, these are some of the many benefits of employee engagement. But, how can you achieve employee engagement in the organization? Well, it is possible if you in any top-quality employee engagement application. To help you find the best app for the purpose, we have come up with a list of tools that can help you with it. 

Best Employee Engagement Tools

Using the right tools can help you empower your employees. It can be helpful in both the long-term and short-term as it eliminates the chances of confusion and chaos in the organization. Further, thorough employee engagement within the organization helps in streamlining the day-to-day processes. This can significantly better the engagement levels in the organization. 

Here are a few software tools and solutions, which can help you better employee engagement. 

For web conferencing and online meetings – GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an incredibly powerful and simplistic web conferencing tool that helps businesses host and plan online meetings. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working from home for quite some time, and to communicate with the team, we use the GoToMeeting software, shares Janice, a representative of EduWorldUSA. Using this application, you can collaborate with 100 people at a time. The application enables you to host HD video calls and meetings with participants from all corners of the world.

Top features

Some notable features of GoToMeeting are:

  1. Recording
  2. One-time scheduled meetings
  3. Desktop sharing
  4. One-click meetings 
  5. Recording
  6. Recurring meetings
  7. Audio conferencing


  1. Best for remote employee communication
  2. Best meeting tool
  3. Best screen-sharing experience


  1. At times, you will experience malfunctions with the video or the audio


  1. Their starter pack will cost you 19 USD per month and can host 10 users.
  2. Their pro pack will cost you 29 USD per month and can host 150 users.
  3. Their plus pack will cost you 49 USD per month and can host 250 users.

For HRM – BambooHR

For businesses, one of the most vital departments is Human Resource. So, naturally, you need a tool for Human Resource Management, which is when BambooHR will come in handy. It is an online HRM tool that helps assist end-to-end solutions for new or small companies. Nathan, an HR representative with a company that offers students online java tutors, says that they use BambooHR in their company as it simplifies the process of managing, onboarding, and employee retention in the company. The tool has a very user-friendly UI and is a powerful tool for empowering human resource teams. It can help you better employee engagement as it provides you with the right resource to do the job well. 

Top Features

Some notable features of BambooHR are:

  1. Performance management
  2. Centralized employee database
  3. Bonus management
  4. Smart reminders
  5. People and data analytics
  6. Accurate reporting
  7. Applicant tracking system
  8. Absence management
  9. Employee onboarding
  10. Report generation
  11. Custom permissions


  1. Employees can have role-specific information access
  2. The reporting feature is unparalleled
  3. Simplifies onboarding new employees 
  4. Centralized location for useful data


  1. Limited customization options
  2. Costly


The vendor does not disclose the exact plan.

For setting goals and their tracking – Todoist

Next, we have the Todoist tool, a prevalent and excellent to-do list tool. Justin, who works with a company offering TopOnlineAssignmentServices, says that we use the Todoist application at our workplace, which has boosted productivity levels. The tool is designed for aiding teams, professionals, and small businesses to get organized. Consequently, the professionals see an improvement in their productivity, which results in more peace of mind at work. This tool can significantly revolutionize the way businesses operate and will improve coordination at the workplace.

Top Features

Some notable features of Todoist are:

  1. Milestone tracking
  2. Notes management
  3. Customizable templates
  4. Collaboration
  5. File sharing
  6. Time and expense tracking
  7. Task management


  1. Perfect for small businesses who are unable to invest in a full-time management application
  2. Can be accessed anytime and from any corner of the world


  1. The free version has minimal features


There is a free version, but it has minimal features. Further, there are two more plans available. One is their premium plan, which costs 3 USD per month per user, and the second is their business plan, which costs 5 USD per month per user. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, with this article, you will understand the need and importance of employee engagement for a business. You can employ one or all three of these tools, and you will see a significant improvement in your workplace productivity. It is an undeniable truth that there are so many more tools available for boosting employee engagement. Regardless of the software you pick, just no, no matter the kind and type of business you run, employee engagement is pivotal, and you cannot omit it. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.