Why Investing Young Is A Good Investment

You may be a young adult enjoying your freedom, and investing is the last thing on your mind. You may have heard about it or know nothing about it at all, but the thing is, you should start investing as young as possible. Don’t think it’s too early to save for your retirement or future financial needs, as investing at a young age does have its benefits.

Here are reasons to invest at a young age:


Preparation For Your Retirement

Retiring is costly. You may think your savings are enough to cover your expenses when you retire, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Especially if you’re living a lavish lifestyle now, then your retirement fund should be as much or greater than your expenses now.

Living a comfortable retirement life is not that easy. Here are some reasons why you must invest for your retirement:


• Long-Term Care – You may be capable and kicking right now, but as you age, you may need assistance. Failure to consider this may bankrupt your retirement funds. For instance, if you need long-term care, for which you have no budget, then it may cost you a lot since expenses tend to increase along with time. You can use your investment as a backup or apply for loans, like CashnGo small loans.

• Healthcare Costs – You may not have any sickness, but illnesses may affect you, too. As you age, your health may diminish, requiring you to take medicine or maintenance. Without other investments, your retirement fund may not be enough to cover such expenses. But your investment can help you avail of maintenance, medicines, or regular checkups without worrying about where to get the money for such expenses.

• Life Expectancy – No one can accurately predict their life expectancy so it’s best to be financially prepared, especially when you’re already in your retirement age. When you have an investment, you can still live a comfortable retirement life even when it exceeds your life expectancy.

Take advantage of free courses that teach you how to invest for your retirement. There are great ways young Australians can invest, and you can find numerous informational articles on the Web so you can start investing for your retirement.


Grow Your Money

When you’re already receiving your paycheck, one way to grow your money is to invest it. It may not grow as fast compared to other get-rich-quick schemes, but it’s one of the legit ways to safely increase your hard-earned money. As they say, you can’t become wealthy if you simply rely on your paycheck.

But when you’re starting with investments, you must not put all your money in one single investment. You can invest in REITs or real estate investments, bonds, IPOs or Initial Public Offerings, stocks, and the like. For instance, Africa’s real estate is attracting more investors because they see it as a booming market. Bonds can also increase your money annually, or IPOs can increase your money at a short period depending on the company’s performance. Some stocks provide dividends, but its value can go up or down depending on its performance in the market.


Become Ahead On Personal Finances

When you grow your money through investments, you’re becoming ahead of people your age on the financial aspect. In the long run, you can use your investments to purchase things that others probably can’t at your age.

For instance, you may be tight on your budget now, but as you invest more rather than spend, you’ll earn money to buy your real estate property, business ventures, or automobiles without a loan. People at your age may have these things, but your advantage is that you can afford it with cash, and you likely won’t incur debt from these purchases.



Improves Financial Management Skills

Receiving your paycheck may mean more gadgets to buy, more trips to book, or more beers to drink, especially when you’re still young. As a young individual, you may have the tendency not to worry about the future as long as you have money to spend on things that will satisfy your wants at the moment. But when you invest, you’ll learn that there is more importance to money.

Having to set aside a percentage of your pay on your investment may seem hard at first, but it will help you manage your finances. So instead of spending your money on trivial things, you’ll know what to prioritize since investing means living below your paycheck.



Whatever your reasons are for investing, starting early can give you more profit. As a young investor, you must learn about the investment vehicle you’ll be venturing into. It’s best to learn it from trusted and known financial advisors, so you will avoid being scammed. As long as you invest the right way, you’ll surely grow your money, secure your retirement, and be ahead early on in the financial game.


The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.