Why Images Are Crucial in Marketing – Know Before You Go!

Marketing photo

No doubt that marketing is about more than simply conveying your message to clients. Being a busy entrepreneur, you ought to stick with significant efforts to result in more sales, which is why using images in marketing is referred to as a simple method to attract, engage, and acquire leads and customers. Also, whenever it comes to images for marketing, try to use PPM image format instead of JPG for better outcomes. Remember that PPM (Portable Pixmap) is a well-known 24-bit color image format, thus it is more preferable. An online JPG to PPM converter is specifically designed to convert JPG images to a PPM image file within no time. 

Well, back to the point now – we are going to describe that why you need images in your marketing. The below-mentioned benefits depict why they are crucial. 

Read on!

Images are memorable

Yes, seeing a charming image or simply breathtaking photo is something that typically sticks with us longer than what we people remember from reading a short description, advertisement, or blog post. Experts revealed that we recall over 65 percent of what we see versus 10 percent of what we people hear. We recommend using the PPM format for marketing because it stores the height as well as the width of your images, while JPG does not. If you already designed different JPGs for your marketing, then it’s better to use a free JPG to PPM converter online that helps you to turn JPG into PPM.

Images communicate faster

We all live in a fast-paced globe and consumers throughout that see over 5,000 advertisements a day. Images are the thing that is crucial in marketing as they are digested quicker. So, the account PPM image format uses an uncompressed and inefficient format as compared to JPG. Also, you have the opportunity of converting JPG to PPM with the assistance of an online JPG to PPM converter. It is said that images take readers almost 10 seconds to simply process and decided on the value of the written text, even not to mention the time that is required to read it. 

Additionally, the mental, as well as the emotional impact from an image, happens almost instantly in around 100 milliseconds. Well, the PPM image extension works best to store whitespace data, even the maximum color value than JPG format. So, it’s the exact time to account for an online JPG to PPM converter to save JPG as PPM image file. 

Images keep readers around

Images are something that encourages readers to stick around. A recent study reveals that your website visitors likely don’t stay on your site or blog for more than 15 seconds. So, it’s great to use interesting and engaging images that can assists audiences who want to spend more time on your content and site pages. Always make use of PPM (Portable Pixmap) if you want to store each pixel with a number format and say goodbye to JPG images (because they don’t do so). And, if you aim to convert JPG to PPM image file without distorting the original image file quality, then simply give a try to our best JPG to PPM converter online. 

Images help make sales

Yes, online shopping might become more popular than ever, but buyers are still wondering what their product will look like and even when it arrives. That’s the patent reason why quality, accurate photos of the product are immensely important. Considering PPM is ideal as it allows very easy reading and writing of image files. However, JPG or other regular image formats are not recommended for such parameters. That’s why typically marketers use an online JPG to PPM converter to perform conversions from JPG to Portable Pixmap image format. When it comes to choosing and purchasing products, 67% of consumers depict that the quality of each product image is highly crucial.

Also, customers typically think that the quality of product image is more valuable than product information, they are around 63%. A detailed description of a product is around (54%) or customer ratings and reviews only 53%.

Thankfully, you people come to know why you have to consider images in your marketing. Yes, they work great if you stick with them legitimately. Good Luck!

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