Why Do You Need Email Validation for Business

Even with the emergence of various social networks and messaging apps, emails remain the primary communication channel and source of information of majority of consumers. According to Radicati Group, more than half of the world population used email in 2019. It is estimated that over 293 billion business and consumer emails are sent every day.

Email remains a powerful channel in ecommerce. As such, businesses consider email marketing as a high priority.

To ensure success, many companies deploy comprehensive email strategies. However, many seem to neglect the importance of email validation. Over time, inaccurate and obsolete email accounts slowly fill up your database. Sending messages to these accounts is useless as they are doomed to bounce bank.

Undelivered emails harm your sender reputation. When you have a poor reputation, all email messages that you send using your email address might be flagged as spam and automatically sent to the spam folder or trash. This can take a serious toll on the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

Email validation can help prevent this from happening. Here are some of the reasons why every business requires email validation.

Reduce undelivered emails

Email validation cleans up your contacts list by removing invalid or inactive email address or preventing them from getting into your database. This helps to ensure that all messages are sent to the right email address.

Segment dangerous emails

Email validation helps identify complainers and avoid sending messages to this segment. Complainer email accounts are recipients who have a high chance of marking your messages as spam. Having so many complaints adversely affect sender reputation. Your emails might be tagged as low value and might be sent directly to spam folder; worst, email service providers might tag you as spammer or ban you. This can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

Increase deliverability

By minimizing complaints and undelivered emails, your sender score and reputation is improved. This increases inbox delivery, as well as, better engagement rates. Good reputation ensures that messages get to the main inbox and not elsewhere.

Reduce costs

When you have a valid email address list, you are assured that every penny spent on email marketing is worthwhile. Usually, you will also have fewer, validated contacts on the list, hence, fewer messages to send. If you’re using a paid Email Service Provider (ESP), this would mean lower costs for you.

Accurate statistics

Campaign statistics is crucial to your marketing effort’s success. It can help you evaluate the success of your campaign and decide on the next courses of action. Unfortunately, bounced and invalid emails can skew the numbers. With email validation, you are assured that you get a better, accurate overall perspective your customer data. This can help you craft sound marketing decisions.

Better leads

It is better to have a handful of valid emails than a bunch of bad leads. Email validation ensures that you are sending messages to working addresses. This results in higher open and engagement rates – and ultimately, better exposure and conversion rates.

These are some of the key benefits why you need to implement email validation. Alongside other email marketing strategies, email validation can have a profound impact on your business success.

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