Why Are Saddle Pads Used Under A Saddle When Fitted To A Horse

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For the optimum safety of a horse and its saddle, it’s crucial to have a suitable saddle pad. The saddle pad provides comfortable support when the horse is carrying a load on its back. It ensures the stability of the saddle and protects the animal’s back. 

With the potential for being a complex selection due to there being varied purposes, an assortment of materials, different types, the priority is to determine the needs of your particular horse and what you will require as the owner. 

Regardless of the features and benefits one might provide, it’s essential to remember that saddle pads are not a replacement for an adequately fitted saddle. The experts in equine health recommend consulting a reputed, knowledgeable saddle fitter before attempting to buy the most appropriate pads. 

As a rule, it’s suggested that if the saddle is a proper fit, the pad needs to be thin to avoid changing that fit. Let’s look more closely at the potential benefits of saddle pads.

What Is The Purpose Of Using Saddle Pads Under A Saddle Fitted For A Horse

Unless you ride your horse bareback, a primary component of riding with a properly fitted saddle is incorporating a saddle pad beneath the saddle. These in no way act as a substitute, replacement, or make-up for an ill-fitting saddle. 

They serve the purpose of providing comfort, protecting the horse’s back and adding a degree of stability to the saddle. 

Before making a purchase, consulting a reputable expert is critical to ensure all equipment is sufficiently fitted to the horse’s contours—this way, an appropriate pad can be purchased to complement rather than act to supplement. 

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While a pad can prove beneficial, the opposite can also be true once the piece becomes worn with time or if it’s a subpar quality. These can impact a horse’s health and performance and create wear to the saddle itself. Let’s look at the advantages of an adequate, quality, and appropriate saddle pad.

  • The pad is protective for the equine’s back

A new rider will likely question the purpose of adding a saddle pad under the primary equipment. A horse experiences rubbing on its back from saddle placement. It’s less so when the fit is good, but friction will still be evident. 

High-withered horses benefit from certain saddle pads to complement the existing equipment. If you notice your horse developing frequent sore spots, a pad can help to resolve these issues.

  • The cleanliness of your equipment 

Horses have a tendency to roll in the dirt since it helps to relieve itchy skin after sweat begins to dry, allows them to retain an even body temp, and shed their coats. 

People will find dirt on horses’ coats regardless if the animal is well-cared-for, groomed regularly, and the animal will accumulate more with riding. Plus, the horse grows sweaty under all the equipment. If there’s no pad, the leather of the saddle will soak this sweat up and build up the dirt requiring extra cleaning.

Saddle pads placed with each ride will cut down on the number of cleanings necessary, keeping the underside of the equipment clean and absorbing the sweat for the horse, making him somewhat more comfortable.

  • The performance can be positively impacted

These pads have the potential to impact a performance either positively or prevent you from performing as well as you would normally. 

For example, when these are ill-fitting or low quality, they can affect the saddle’s fit. In other situations, the sweat is not wicked from the rider and the animal, which will result in an accumulation. 

Another problem is when the material is too thick. This will cause saddle movement sideways or front to back, making the ride a challenge.

  • One saddle pad isn’t the answer to every scenario

Different riding scenarios require varied pads; one size doesn’t fit all. Various equipment is needed, and the horses will react and behave differently from one event to the next. With the vast range of options on the market, you can find precisely what you desire, and your horse needs for each riding situation.

The priority is to incorporate adequate research on what pads will be needed for the sort of riding you’ll be doing regarding fit and material. Check with the saddle experts first and foremost to ensure the equipment’s fit and gain insight into pad selection. Click to gain insight into the science of the pad.

Final Thought

Horse riding should be safe and enjoyable for the rider and the horse. A priority is ensuring that the equipment, like the saddle, is adequately fit for an optimum experience in any riding scenario. The proper fit of this equipment cannot be made up for, supplemented, or substituted by a saddle pad.

The saddle itself needs to precisely fit the horse with the saddle pad serving as a complement to the saddle that fits precisely. The saddle pad is a crucial addition to the equipment and shouldn’t be overlooked. It will protect the horse’s back, add a level of comfort, and stabilize the saddle.

The pads will have a say in whether your performance is adequate or poor, making it necessary to ensure you have sufficient advice when purchasing the highest quality pads for your equine. The investment will certainly be worth it.

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