Where to Look for Penny Stocks

For beginners in the trading world, penny stocks can be an exciting concept. We all love the idea of spending a small amount of money on a handful of shares, only to discover that the company that we’ve invested in has tripled in size overnight. We can hope that the nature of low-cost shares means that you could potentially spend a few cents on a position and use it to make millions for your future.

However, the unfortunate truth is that the majority of penny shares probably won’t amount to much. To achieve incredible success in the penny stocks market, you need a combination of great timing, exceptional luck, and a fantastic trading strategy. Low-cost shares are highly speculative thanks to their large bid-ask spreads, low liquidity, and small-capitalization options. However, some people genuinely can achieve incredible results by trading in this area. If you think that you’re ready to give it a try, here’s how you can find something to invest in.


Stick to Reliable Trading Forums

The most important thing to remember when trading in penny stocks, is that there are multiple places you can go to find your shares – but not all of them are reputable. For instance, some of the best and most risk-free securities are available on major exchanges like NYSE and the Nasdaq market. These stocks are safer than their counterparts, because they’re held accountable to specific listing standards.

On the other hand, a lot of beginners in the investing market make the mistake of spending all of their money on trades that happen outside of the major stock exchanges. You can get some great deals on over-the-counter trading boards and pink sheets forums. However, these locations are also not subject to as many listing rules as their counterparts. There are no registrations required with the SEC when you list a company with the pink sheets, which means that there’s always a risk that an investor could end up being scammed out of their cash. To keep your risk levels to a minimum, it’s best to start off by investing mainly in the stocks you find on major exchanges. You can ask your broker for help choosing the options that are suited to your risk and trading strategy.


Choosing the Right Broker

The stockbroker that you pick to assist with your penny trading strategy will also play a fundamental role in your investment future. Brokers are the people who provide the infrastructure and technology you need to buy and sell positions in the stock market. Choose the right broker, and you’ll not only have access to all the right exchanges and forums, but you’ll also have the option to ask for additional guidance and support when you need it most. Many brokerage companies can offer insights into things like market behavior and industry changes, which could help you to make more informed decisions when you’re building your investment strategy for the first time. Always start your trading strategy with a broker that you can trust.

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