What You Should Know About Using MetaTrader 4 on Smartphones


In today’s world, traders can participate in trading systems through mobile trading by utilizing wireless connectivity on their cell phones and tablets. MetaTrader 4 for Android allows traders to view charts and initiate and control trades while on the move.

With information from justmarkets.com/trading-platforms/mt4-pc, trading on MT4 has now been made more accessible by trade signals, the availability of in-depth technical evaluation, and a variety of trading instruments. Join us as we dig into valuable information about MetaTrader 4 for Android. Let’s go!

What You Need to Know About the MetaTrader4 App

Trading novices should be aware that while they can start trading solely from a mobile device, it is preferable to start out using the desktop version of MetaTrader 4. This is because it is easier to start trading with the desktop version of MetaTrader 4.

This reality results from the MetaTrader4 desktop version, which serves as the foundation for acquiring the skills to trade and is significantly more illustrative and beneficial when mastering the vocabulary and engaging in trading.

The mobile application is simple, but navigating it requires familiarity with the desktop version’s features. Nevertheless, some traders may need access to a desktop to start trading there. This article aims to help those traders understand how to utilize the MetaTrader4 app’s functionalities and explore the mobile application.

New traders should also be aware that using the Android version of the MetaTrader4 app for live trading requires an active trading account. Alternatively, you can use the built-in demo account to install and launch the MetaTrader4 app for Android.

What Features Does the Android App for MetaTrader4 Provide?

Like the desktop version, the MetaTrader4 app exposes users to the foreign currency market. The desktop and mobile applications have been programmed to function together and are made to be utilized alongside one another.

A trader’s actions on the desktop version cross over to the mobile application and vice versa. For many traders that enforce various demands on mobile applications, the MetaTrader4 application is the best current choice.

The mobile application’s user interface is friendly, and it offers rapid operation and an extensive selection of compatible gadgets. The MetaTrader4 mobile app has several functions, including:

  • Entry to other financial markets in addition to Forex
  • Actual quotes on securities
  • There are nine time frames available
  • Opening, closing, and modifying both market and pending orders
  • You can use the graph for trading
  • Market Activity
  • Expert Advisors, or EAs, 30 different technical analysis indicators, and trading robots
  • There’s a detailed trading history
  • Dynamic real-time graphs featuring a zoom-in/out option, scrolling, and offline mode
  • Little traffic

Installing and Downloading the MetaTrader4 app for Android

When launching the app, the trader can either utilize the demo account offered by MetaTrader 4 or have a current trading account (demo or live) that they can use.

On an Android smartphone, there are three methods for traders to download the MetaTrader4 application:

  1. Through the trading platform part of the trader’s website. The trader should be given a link to download the app, which will take them to Google Play.
  2. The second is going to the MetaTrader 4 website, selecting the download option, and then going to Google Play.
  3. The third is going to Google Play on a mobile device, typing “MetaTrader4” into the search bar, searching for the appropriate, vetted app, and then downloading it.

The very first program (MetaTrader4 Forex Trading) appears in the search results for “MetaTrader4” on Google Play. However, ensuring the trader downloads the correct application is always essential.

It only takes up a little memory on a mobile device, thanks to the application’s small download size of 6.6 MB. Based on the internet connection rate, the download takes a short while.

Logging In to the Application

A screen will appear when you access the application after downloading and installing it; the “Get Started” option, which enables the trader to sign into a current trading account or establish a demo account with MetaQuotes, may be found at the topmost level of the screen.

The trader’s demo account details will pop up immediately after the necessary information is supplied. They are given both a password and a login ID number.

The trader must select their broker from the list given, input their login information and password, and the account will be uploaded to the mobile application to begin trading.


The Android version of the MetaTrader4 mobile app is straightforward to use and comprehend. The application allows mobile trading, account management, and even the most fundamental trading requirements.

Learning the MetaTrader4 mobile app’s appearance and functionality is relatively easy. First-time traders will quickly be capable of trading and gaining experience after they grasp it and understand what they can accomplish with the mobile app and methods.

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