What Three Luxury Logos Say About Their Brands… and How Your Logo Can Get It Right, Too


If your brand is all about luxury products, you need your logo to reflect the type of items you sell and convey the luxuriousness that you offer.

It is a good idea to carefully look at the logos of well-known luxury brands to gain inspiration and ensure you get your logo design right.

So, get started by checking out the three following examples and finding out what tips you can take on board to create a logo that is every bit as good as that of famous luxury brands.


Once you create your own luxury logo, you can use it in various ways to get your brand known. For instance, in addition to placing it on your products, your website, and your advertising, you could produce vinyl logo stickers that feature your logo so it is easy to add your logo to things like your packaging.

But first things first. Before we look at how you can get your logo right, take inspiration from a brand like Versace.

The Versace brand is well known for its innovative designs, bright colors, and flashy but stylish prints, and yet its logo is simple and black and white.

Far from being a contradiction, the logo features Medusa of Greek legend. The Gorgon Medusa was said to be so beautiful that it was hard for any onlookers to look away, but if they did stare at her, they were turned to stone.

So, Versace uses simple but powerful symbolism in its logo: once you catch a glimpse of Versace’s luxurious and beautiful designs, you will not be able to look away.


Take a look at Rolex’s logo, which features a crown above the name of the brand, and you will see the two colors that are used have been chosen wisely.

The word Rolex is in green and the crown is colored gold. Both symbolize money.

The metallic sunburst gold and cadmium green give the Swiss watchmaker’s brand an incredibly classy look and indicate not everybody can afford the gorgeous luxury watches they sell. Thus, Rolex’s logo reaches out to the high-end buyer.

Of course, the crown is also symbolic: Rolex is the king of watchmakers.

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren logo features a polo player above the brand name.

Seeing as Ralph Lauren’s staple fashion design is polo shirts, the logo’s imagery is the ideal choice.

The game of polo is often played by the rich and famous. So, the logo design perfectly represents Ralph Lauren’s casual and sporty clothing that is intended for a high-end clientele.

How Your Logo Can Get It Right

You should already now have some ideas regarding the types of imagery and symbolism you can use to convey the luxuriousness of your particular brand and products.

With more thought, time, and effort, you can make sure your logo is every bit as good as the likes of Versace, Rolex, and Ralph Lauren.


Choosing the right colors for your logo is of the utmost importance. You should use colors that match the type of items you sell. But you also need to consider the symbolism behind the colors you adopt.

Simple Design

One thing all of the luxury brand logos above have in common is they use simple designs. So, do not overdo the complexity of your logo. The simpler it is, the more memorable it will be.

Negative Space

Just as important as the logo itself is the negative space you use. That refers to the blank space in your design. By utilizing negative space, you can better guide people’s eyes to the logo itself.


Finally, choosing the right font for your logo is crucial. If you want to convey luxury, make sure you use an elegant font for your brand name. But ensure the font you select is easy to read.

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