What The Re-election Of DeSantis Means For Online Gambling In Florida

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When it comes to sensitive state legislation that has been in the news over the past ten years, gambling in Florida has long been one of the largest gray areas. These days, we are as close to a decision as we can get, but regrettably, it may be less wonderful than we anticipated.

Although the battle to change the laws governing internet gambling in Florida is far from over, we have received some crucial information about the course of the battle. On November 7th, the governor, Ron DeSantis, was formally re-elected. This essentially means that, for the time being at least, the fight to allow sports betting online in the sunshine state has reached its conclusion.

Naturally, we cannot provide any assurances. We can kind of, but, Florida is a largely Republican state, and the Democratic candidate didn’t run on a website that promoted online sportsbooks that are friendly to residents of Florida. The future of online gambling Florida can now be predicted, although to be quite honest, there isn’t much to consider.

The possibility of sports betting returning to Florida in the near future exists, but those hoping for a modified arrangement needn’t hold their breath.

Opposing Florida Online Sports Betting Implicitly; DeSantis

This should not be taken to mean that Ron DeSantis is against all kinds of sports betting in Florida. We are aware that he isn’t.

The gaming agreement with the Seminole Tribe, which gave them exclusive control over sports gambling in Florida, was negotiated by DeSantis last year. And then the plan was put into action.

For a limited time, the Seminoles enjoyed full rights to sports betting on native tribal grounds, as well as through an on-site and mobile partnership with Hard Rock. Its use of on-site mobile sports betting as well as its stranglehold over Florida sports betting were finally contested. The judge decided to support the challenge’s expiration in 2021. Sports betting has not been permitted in Florida since that time, and its destiny is still up in the air.

The wording of the legislation states that DeSantis’ reelection has no bearing whatsoever. The appeals court has not yet made a judgment on the matter, and they have not said when they will do so. They cannot be unilaterally overridden or accelerated by DeSantis. The ruling may still be appealed by the losing party and the possibility that the Supreme Court will finally hear the case remains.

Party involvement in state politics is essential because of this. Additionally, the Republicans maintain control over virtually all branches of local government under DeSantis as governor. The possibility that his views will prevail in the final ruling on sports betting in Sunshine State is essentially increased by this.

Where Does DeSantis Stand now?

DeSantis made it quite clear when he mediated the agreement with the Seminole tribe. The agreement prohibited commercial sports betting as well as entry from other tribes as well as brick-and-mortar casinos into the Florida sports gaming market. Given how crucial those conditions were, we can only infer that DeSantis is advocating for the original arrangement to be revived.

It’s crucial to know that the Seminole Tribe was successful in keeping DeSantis in office. With industry analysts predicting that the Seminole Tribe will win the battle for Florida-legalized sports betting as early as November. These predictions now appear to be unbreakable commitments.

The elections may have had an impact on even those predictions. How intertwined they have become is shown by the number of people who believed “Ron DeSantis and the Seminoles” would win. The strongest voice in the state will continue to promote the Seminoles thanks to his reelection.

Under the prior rules, only one Seminole casino was allowed to provide sports betting in Florida. No other casinos were permitted to accept bets. The same is true for both conventional sportsbooks and those found online.

In spite of the gaming compact barring it, the Seminoles provided a mobile sports betting alternative. They claim that a Seminole-endorsed app encroaches on their ancestral territory.

In fact, as many lawyers have pointed out, this argument may not even be valid in court. However, at this point, it won’t significantly alter the final result. Even if they lose the ability to allow individuals to utilize their sports betting app off-site, the Seminoles are on track to regain sole Florida sports gambling rights.

Will Florida Ever Permit Sports Betting Online?

In fact, we’d say “Florida internet sports betting will eventually be allowed” the majority of the time. It is too well-known throughout the remainder of the country for it to be dormant in one of its largest markets. Never say never is a better approach in these circumstances.

However, the thirty-year gaming deal Ron DeSantis signed with the Seminole Tribe is intended to be permanent. Thirty years, you did read that correctly.

If the Seminoles continue to possess the state’s exclusive rights to sports gambling for so long, there is virtually little chance that the state will be able to expand its gambling legislation to include commercial and online entities.


For the people of Florida, the idea that there are other possibilities is a glimmer of optimism. For users from around the United States, several of the leading online sportsbooks continue to offer accounts and speedy transaction processing. Additionally, Floridian residents can go to nearby states and engage in authorized sports betting there or opt for legalized accounts from offshore jurisdictions with caution, however!

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