What Makes a Great Criminal Lawyer?

Facing criminal charges of any kind is extremely stressful – whether that means a DUI or something much more serious. If you’re facing a criminal charge, you need an experienced criminal lawyer on your side.Connolly Suthers, expert Criminal Lawyers Townsville, advises that in order to find the right lawyer, you need to know what characteristics make for a stand-out criminal lawyer in the first place. Fortunately, there are some basics that can help you proceed with confidence when it comes to choosing the right criminal lawyer for your case. 


Look for a Criminal Lawyer Who Specializes in Cases Like Yours

If you are facing a second DUI, you need a defence lawyer who’s experienced in this kind of charge, but if you’re facing more serious criminal charges, you’re going to need a defence lawyer like Pyzer Lawyers whose background addresses charges of a more serious nature. Look for a criminal defence lawyer who either specializes in the kind of legal representation you need or who has broad experience in the area, such as Wilson Criminal Defence. Whatever charges you face, the outcome is extremely important to you and your future, so choose a criminal lawyer accordingly. Some lawyers specialize in specific types of criminal cases, and others engage in a full spectrum of criminal cases. What you don’t want, however, is a lawyer who merely dabbles in criminal cases. 


Stellar Criminal Lawyers Investigate Extensively

Once you’ve been charged with a crime and have brought on a criminal lawyer, you’re already behind in terms of investigation. The police have already done their investigative work, and the prosecution has brought charges. This means that your criminal lawyer needs to be prepared to hit the ground running when it comes to doing his or her own investigation into your case. To begin, your case is all about gathering information, and the best criminal lawyers take their own investigative efforts extremely seriously. This can include:

  • Determining the circumstances that led to you being charged in the first place
  • Examining the evidence that was used to bring charges against you
  • Ascertaining what the police might have missed in the case
  • Digging into pertinent phone records, text messages, social media posts, photos, videos, and more
  • Finding and interviewing witnesses – especially witnesses whose testimonies contradict the charges brought

If you’re facing criminal charges, you want a criminal lawyer who is committed to the process of investigation.


The Best Criminal Lawyers Are Excellent Negotiators

When it comes to bringing a strong legal defence, negotiation is key, but what does that really mean? When you’re facing criminal charges, there is absolutely no guarantee about the outcome if you proceed to trial. While there may be a good likelihood of a certain outcome, there is no guarantee of that outcome. If your lawyer is a skilled negotiator, however, he or she will employ his or her considerable negotiation skills to find a middle ground between what the prosecution seeks and protecting your best interests. This in no way means giving in to the prosecution but, instead, means negotiating a sure thing that is beneficial to you. 

A veteran negotiator knows how to highlight those elements that help establish inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and that foster doubt in your guilt. It’s important to remember that there are no guarantees for either side and that your criminal lawyer’s ability to establish doubt can be very motivating for the prosecution.


Criminal Lawyers Should Examine Legal Technicalities

The law is complex with detailed requirements – for very good reasons. The law is meant to serve the people in general and to protect our rights as individuals, and this makes adhering to legal technicalities extremely important. While the police are often skilled at their jobs, including investigating crimes, this does not mean that they always produce accurate police reports on the matter, and said reports are not above being challenged. Further, challenges can be levied at multiple levels (whenever appropriate), including:

  • Your criminal lawyer can challenge the paperwork filed against you if it doesn’t accurately represent what transpired in your case and/or if it crosses any legal boundaries.
  • Your criminal lawyer can challenge the legality of your initial arrest or any inherent details that do not comport.
  • Your criminal lawyer can challenge the police’s adherence to the law in their efforts to bring charges against you.
  • Your criminal defence lawyer can challenge the legal procedure involved in your case.

Typically, technical legal challenges begin at the motion stage, which can lead to the suppression of evidence or another kind of leverage that improves your chance of obtaining your case’s best possible resolution. 


You Want a Criminal Lawyer with Considerable Trial Experience

Just because there are no guarantees at trial does not mean that you should avoid trial at all costs. Sometimes, trial is the best option, and you want a criminal lawyer who knows the ropes and welcomes the challenge of taking your case to trial if the need arises. Building a case with strong bargaining characteristics involves the same process necessary to bring a strong case in court, and if you and your experienced criminal lawyer determine that going to court is the best path forward in your situation, your criminal lawyer should be ready, willing, and able to proceed.

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