What Kind of People Hires Private Investigators?

You must have seen a lot of private investigators in the movies, and you may also have come across a person who has hired one to tail someone. Private investigators are trained, and sharp professionals, and they know how to get the information on anyone. But do you ever wonder what kind of people hire private investigators and in what circumstance could you need one? In this article I have mentioned the types of clients a private investigator comes across.


Insurance Companies

It is common for an insurance company to hire a private investigator these days. In USA, the number of fraudulent insurance claims is rising every day. Be it health care, road accidents, or arson, a lot of people have been filing fake claims lately, and this is causing billions of dollars’ worth of damages. This is precisely why insurance company has turned towards private investigators, so they can avoid fraudulent insurance claims by investigating the insured party. Now, you must be wondering how they hire private investigators. There are several private investigation firms in USA, and one can call them and book an appointment to hire an investigator. Some of the trusted private investigation firms include Investigation Hotline and Pinkerton.



This one is no surprise. Lawyers deal with complex cases daily, and they could get into a situation where they will need to investigate a particular aspect to make their case stronger. So, to get answers and build solid arguments, lawyers hire private investigators to do the legwork. Private investigators are excellent and unearthing witnesses and can also perform thorough background checks on the party being investigated.


Human Resource Professionals

It is the responsibility of a human resource professional to bring good quality employees to the company. And to ensure that, sometimes have to hire a private investigator to perform a little background check. While hiring a new resource, HR professionals have to make sure that their resume checks out, and they have not provided any wrong information. They also make sure that the candidate does not have any criminal background. Private investigators are hired solely to help them out in this entire process.


Property Owners

No landlord wants to hire a tenant that can cause stress for them. Property owners like to do a proper background check on tenants and to be on the safer side some even hire private investigators. If you are letting someone stay on your property, it is your right to make sure that they are clean. It is common for private investigators to investigate a tenant. They can paint a picture for the landlord by looking into tenant’s criminal records, prior convictions, or any civil suits.


Business Owners

Business owners also hire private investigators when they are doing big business deals or are going into a partnership agreement with another business. The private investigators are hired to check the credits of the partners and their reputation. They can also find out about the other companies with which the partners are involved to make sure that nothing is in the wrong. Some business owners also hire private investigators to do an integrity or security audit.

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