What is the Cost of CBAP Certification?


The CBAP certification is all you need to advance your career as a business analyst and distinguish yourself from the competition. However, are you concerned and anxious about the CBAP certification fee? Are you hesitant to make this kind of investment? We are here to clear up all your doubts that you may have regarding this certification, as gaining this certification could be the best decision for your career. 

What is CBAP Certification?

Introduction To Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification | Simplilearn

Experts in business analysis (BA) can distinguish themselves professionally by earning the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) credential. In business analysis, those who earn the CBAP are widely regarded as the elite. 

CBAP not only scales your career but also speaks volumes about your personality, dedication, and expertise. CBAP training has many benefits, which we will discuss in the next section. 

What are the benefits of CBAP training?

Earning the CBAP verifies that you are dedicated to your field, possess cutting-edge skills, and are an effective leader. With a CBAP credential under your belt, you’ll be able to show off your extensive expertise in the field, earn a higher salary, and advance in your career. 

Let us discuss in depth the benefits of getting this certification:

1. Broadens perspective

As you prepare for the CBAP examination, you will recognize numerous ways to solve a given problem. Before, you may have been familiar with one or two primary techniques. Preparing for this examination will enable you to think creatively and become familiar with various alternative methods. After passing the exam, you can implement these approaches in the workplace. A corporation will always recognize a business analyst accreditation from a reputable organization. 

The BABOK guide contains industry-wide standards and best practices. You will do better in the certification examination if you fully understand its topics.

2. Shows commitment

Getting a CBAP certification is more challenging than doing a standard course. Preparation, testing, and practice require many hours. When firms recruit CBAP-certified business analysts, they know the individual has worked hard. It also suggests that the individual can handle complicated, long-term projects. Hard work, determination, and good communication and analytical abilities make a great business analyst. An employee’s qualities are evaluated during an appraisal.

3. Better compensation and role

A CBAP-certified professional might expect an instant income increase due to responsibility for the organization’s most important projects and roles. 

How can you become a CBAP?

Candidates for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification from the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) must meet the following criteria.

  1. Should have worked as a business analyst for at least 7,500 hours over the last decade.
  2. This experience must include at least 3,600 of the necessary 7,500 hours, with at least 900 hours spent on four of the six knowledge areas covered by the BABOK handbook.
  3. Professional development of at least 35 hours completed within the last four years is required.
  4. List of two references from a manager and colleague. 
  5. Accept the code of conduct.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Make sure you pass the examination. 

How much does it cost to take the CBAP exam?

The cost of CBAP certification consists of three elements:

  1. The Cost of IIBA Membership
  2. Application Fees
  3. Exam Fees

The IIBA CBAP certification fee and CBAP certification exam fee are as follows:

The CBAP application fee is as follows: 

  • Member – $145
  • Non-Member — $145

The CBAP examination fee is as follows: 

  • Members- $ 350
  • Non-Member – $ 505

The difference in the membership fees is due to the region. It is divided into 3 regions. Let us quickly go over the countries covered in each region.

Region 1

Some of the countries in region 1 are as follows: US, Germany, France, Australia, UK, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, etc. This list is vast, so the complete list is available on the IIBA website

Region II

In this region, the countries are Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Korea, Maldives, Malaysia, Mexico, and many more.  

Region III

Countries in region 3 are India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many more. 

So let us compare the cost of CBAP certifications from regions such as Region I and III. The table below will explain the difference in examination and application fees.

United States of America-Region I

CBAP costs Members Non-Members
Membership fees $ 139
Application fees $145 $145
Exam Fess $350 $505
Total cost $634 $650

India- Region III

CBAP costs Members Non-Members
Membership fees $ 55
Application fees $145 $145
Exam Fess $350 $505
Total cost $550 $650

 Here, the membership fees are the only variation. 

What is the pattern of the CBAP Exam?

The CBAP exam is multiple-choice. The questions test your knowledge of BABOK concepts. For your reference, we have listed the format below:

  1. 120 multiple choice questions. 
  2. 4 alternatives to choose answer from. 
  3. The exam will last for 3.5 hours.
  4. No negative marking for the wrong answers.
  5. Exam questions are scenario-based and case study based. 

Steps to become a successful certified CBAP 

  1. Set a test deadline and study BABOK and other recommendations every day. Spend the weekends wisely.
  2. Instead of cramming for the BABOK book, read it numerous times. Use a concise study guide if you have problems understanding BABOK.
  3. In phases, practice sample tests. Start with chapter-by-chapter exams, then scenario-based and case study exams, and finally comprehensive simulation exams.
  4. Watch your simulated test results. Read and practice until you score 80-85% on simulated exams.
  5. Find study groups on professional sites. Join these groups to share knowledge. Find a CBAP certification holder who can be your mentor and help with your studies. 


A CBAP certification would assist a business analyst to stand out by displaying knowledge and expertise. More employment development and advancement will result. CBAP certification is difficult. To pass the exam on the first try, you must read the BABOK/other guidelines, get support from training providers and mentors, and take mock exams.

According to the IIBA’s Annual Business Analysis Salary Survey, CBAP holders earn 13% more than non-holders. You must enroll with a reputable organization like Simplilearn as they have some of the best instructors in the field in order to justify the higher cost of the certification. They also teach you how to manage your time and network with other students who share your interests.

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