What is OP World

One Piece World

The World is the currently unnamed planet where One Piece takes place. Although not identical, it is similar to Earth in many ways, but very different in others.

Geography And Climate

The surface of the world is dominated by the blue seas (East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South Blue), which are brackish waters roughly divided into quadrants. This division is formed by two natural barriers that cross the ground at approximately vertical angles. The Great Barrier Reef is a relatively narrow belt of ocean, completely sheltered from the wind and sea, known for its unnatural, rapidly changing climate and formidable wildlife. Non-electric regions of the Pacific Rim. Red Line, a huge (mostly barren) continent that serves as the only true continent in the world.

In all parts of the blue sea, including the Grand Line and the Calm Belts, there are many islands that support different types of life. Traveling between these islands is relatively easy on the 4 Blues, but much more difficult on the Grand Line. In the Grand Line (in addition to the aforementioned dangers), the islands create unique magnetic fields that make conventional compass magnets useless. Registered compass. They also depict the Arctic and Antarctic, which, as you know, are very cold.

Grand Line

It will be a huge sea route around the world, but this is the only sea where a normal compass does not work. This is the goal of every pirate and the path to unimaginable adventures. Most of the story is based on the Grand Line. The reason why many pirates visit this sea is that the greatest treasure left behind by the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger is said to be One Piece on the last island of the Grand Line (“Wrap Tail”). . The outline is divided in half by a red line. It is highly unpredictable and dangerous in the first half of the Grand Line, which is referred to as “paradise” by those who live in the second half. The second half, which is said to be much more difficult and dangerous than the first, is called “The New World”. Four emperors unofficially ruled the New World.

Calm Belt

The Belt of Tranquility is an area of ​​ocean that surrounds both sides of the Great Line. There are no winds and currents, hence the name “Belt of Tranquility”. As a result, it is very difficult to pass, especially since this is the house of the sea king. However, Reilly swam solo from the Grand Line to Amazon Lily on the Pacific Coast after his ship sank in a storm.

Red Line

In the world of One Piece, the Red Line is the only continent that exists. From one side of the globe to the other, it crosses the globe.Two seas are divided into four smaller ones by the red line that runs between them.There are two seas formed by the east and west blues, whereas the north and west blues are formed by one sea. The Red Line was used by people crossing the Great Line to separate the first half of the Great Line from the “New World” and was the first starting point on the journey across the Great Line. It also existed as the only way to enter the Great Line other than traveling through the Belt of Tranquility, which was a very dangerous prospect. The Temple of Mary Joas is on the Red Line where the Grand Line meets the New World.

Sea Floor

In terms of depth, the blue ocean ends with the seafloor, which is the eternal dry land formed by the earth’s crust.[5] The outlines here are slightly different from the rest of the sea (although the red line is largely impassable). Aquatic life coexists with volcanoes and ditches and thrives in a variety of forms. The seafloor begins at varying depths, with the lowest point being over 10,000m below the surface (ironically, the world-famous Fish-Man Island is among the lowest points).

Sky Ocean

The sky ocean is a place that most people who live in the blue sea are not familiar with. The reason is that the sky sea was entirely made up of clouds, so it was not the sea seen from the blue sea. However, the Heavenly Ocean clouds were not ordinary clouds. There are two types of clouds: sea clouds and island clouds. Sea clouds are like water and can be navigated if the ship is not heavy enough to sink, while island clouds are dense enough to support anything. There are many ways to get from Blue Sea to Sky Ocean. The only route shown is an unorthodox and dangerous route that requires sailors to sail the Knock Up Stream, but there is a second, slightly less dangerous route known to exist called the High West. There are two famous seas in the White Sea, the White Sea and the White Sea.

Society and Culture

The Grand Line has islands with unique climates and natural phenomena, so the islanders dress accordingly. The Grand Line islands such as Waterseven, Dressrosa, Aravasta, Sabaodi, Longling Longland, Jaya, Skypia and Wano have a unique culture. Compared to the Grand Line, there is less cultural diversity in the northern, western, southern, and eastern blues. However, there are other places in these waters with a different culture and way of life, such as isolated islands and the country of Kano to the west. Kingdom of Turin in the south; Shimotsuki East Village and Tequila Wolf.

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