What Is Odoo, How It Works And How Useful Is It For Your Business?


Odoo is business management software, that businesses use for things like e-commerce, accounting, billing, and inventory management. If you are a business owner and are considering investing in business management software, then you will have no doubt heard of Odoo.

However, despite the fact that Odoo is a very popular name in business management software, that’s not to say that it is worth using, or that there aren’t better options available. This post will explore what Odoo does, how useful it is, and whether or not there are any alternative options available.

Complex Set-up

One of the main complaints that users of Odoo have is that it is very complicated to get set up. If you are new to business management software, then Odoo is not ideal. Finding a simpler-to-use alternative to Odoo is definitely something that’s worth considering if you are new to this type of software. Finding a simpler alternative will make it easier for you to familiarise yourself with business management software. Then, in the future, you can switch back to Odoo if you feel that you need to.

Limited Support

Another problem that a lot of people experience when they begin using Odoo is limited customer support. Unfortunately, there are only a few customer support channels available on the Odoo platform. If you have any urgent concerns, you could have to wait a day or more before you get a response, and your problem gets answered. The limited amount of support available is partially why people are looking for alternative programs to Odoo at the moment. If you do need good support, then take some time, do your research, and find a software program that comes with a reliable customer service desk.


Pricing Plans

For new businesses, Odoo’s pricing plans aren’t ideal. If you are starting a new business then you will no doubt not have a lot of money to invest in things like software. Odoo is a very expensive program. However, despite how expensive it is, it’s not all bad. Odoo does have some very useful features, which is why it’s such a prominent name in ERP software. If you are looking for a reliable platform, in spite of all of Odoo’s flaws, it is a good option. One of the good things about Odoo is that you can pay monthly, rather than all at once.

Odoo’s Usefulness

Odoo is indeed a very useful platform with many advantages associated with its use. However, for every advantage, there is a disadvantage. It is not a program that’s suited to people new to ERP software. Instead, it is a program that’s better for people who’re experienced in using and operating this type of software. Therefore, if you are new to ERP, it is a good idea to find an alternative program. Also, if you want good customer support and are on a budget, you should look elsewhere. Always read an ERP program’s reviews before committing to buying it.

Odoo is a popular ERP software brand. However, the program’s popularity doesn’t for a second mean that it is perfect. For some people, there are much better options available online than Odoo.

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