What is Crypto Staking, Is It Safe, and How Much Can You Make?


The development of cryptocurrencies has certainly opened the way for completely unique opportunities and a vast number of people started to utilize this resource to a great effect. Given the fact that digital coins are still somewhat in the developing stage, it is a bit hard for some people to fully comprehend their capabilities, so we come across more and more questions in regard to this subject. Bitcoin, and cryptos in general, cover a lot of aspects in terms of finances and as well security, thus it is crucial to get used to its working mechanism in order to get the maximum benefits. 

In this guide, we want to review one of the most prominent processes called crypto staking. At first, it might be confusing for newbies, but as soon as you get familiar with this task, the rewards might be tremendous in the end. In the simplest of words, crypto staking means holding a certain amount of digital coins in order to earn rewards later. So, how does crypto staking work, and is it really a safe procedure? You will find out the answers to these questions down below! 

How Does Crypto Staking Work?

As you can tell from the definition, this process is not very difficult at all and you only need to look for those digital coins that allow staking in the first place. As soon as you purchase a specific amount of cryptos, you have the possibility to stack them in place and receive a percentage-rate reward later. So, this is an excellent resource to receive a passive income just by keeping your holdings. This process is particularly beneficial for those investors who already hold a substantial amount of digital coins in their wallets since they will receive higher average returns when staking cryptos and accumulate a lot of rewards in the end. 

Usually, this process is done with the help of a “staking pool” or exchanges which are more affordable options for the majority of investors. Due to the fact that this task requires hardware infrastructure along with high computational power, especially when holding a huge amount of cryptos, some people are not able to afford it. Staking pools act as interest-bearing savings accounts since they pool together digital coins from various contributors. Exchanges are also one of the cheapest methods for staking cryptos since a lot of platforms offer this service. 

As of today, you have a chance to stake the following cryptocurrencies – Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, NEAR Protocol, and Tezos. The major reason why you will get rewarded for keeping cryptos is that blockchain starts to use them for important purposes. Cryptocurrencies provide two types of consensus mechanisms called proof of work and proof of stake, and the main objective of them is to ensure that every transaction is verified and processed securely. As soon as one transaction gets approved, the blockchain adds new blocks every time. 

This consensus mechanism is the answer to why Bitcoin can’t be used for staking. So, you have only limited possibilities when it comes to those digital coins that allow staking and this process will certainly reward you with tremendous prices in the end, especially if you hold a big amount of cryptos. However, the main question is if crypto staking is safe and how much one can earn during this procedure. 

Benefits of Crypto Staking

The most obvious benefit of crypto staking, as we have noted above, includes getting rewards after keeping a certain amount of digital coins for a long time. This process is especially advantageous to those investors who hold a huge portion of cryptos as they will generate bigger rewards in the end. 

What’s more, crypto staking has the additional benefit of furnishing the blockchain system with more security and efficiency. As we have said, crypto staking makes blockchain more durable and resistant to cyber-attacks. Also, every transaction is processed in a secure way and you don’t need to worry about anything. 

So, if you are wondering whether crypto staking is a safe process, then we want to firmly conclude that this task does not include any kind of danger. One slight downside can be the fact that staking sometimes needs a locking period when you are not able to transfer cryptos for a certain period of time. This means that you will not have the opportunity to trade those digital coins when their price goes up. What’s more, we recommend reading the rules and requirements for staking specific cryptocurrencies in order to avoid some unnecessary difficulties in the future. 

This procedure is available for everyone who holds a small number of digital coins and owns a reliable computer that will work day and night without any disruption. Also, keep in mind that technical knowledge is essential in order to succeed in this process. As for the possible rewards, it is a bit hard to state the exact numbers one can earn since it mainly depends on the amount of crypto you hold. Hence, the more digital coins you keep, the more rewards will be provided in the end! 

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